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The removed record that has not been signed by the

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Unformatted text preview: gned by the CDI, right-click anywhere in the Removed dialog box, choose Delete, and select Undo Remove. Note 3: In both options, click Yes on the Attention response box to delete or undo the removed record. Chapter 5 Maintenance Subsystem 431 WO Update - Removed, when Component exists in the database 1 Verify the CAGE, Part Number, and Serial Number. If the Serno field contains XXX, you must enter the actual serial number of the component. 2 Modify the Removal Date if other than the current date. 3 Enter the CDI Signature: In the Privilege Login box, type your login ID and password, and then click OK. Note: In instances when an assembly (engine, APU, main rotor head, MME, missiles, gun, or ALSS) is removed, the Outstanding Work Orders dialog box appears to ensure the Maintenance Control Manager is aware of outstanding work orders against the assembly. The box contains a prompt that a user can sign-off or delete the work orders. 4 Click OK when the API Message dialog box appears. The dialog box alerts you that the removed data has been successfully removed and saved. 5 Click OK to return to the Work Order Update - Removed window. WO Update - Removed, when Component does not exist in the database, not life limited 1 Enter the CAGE, Part Number, Serial Number, and Date of Removal (the current date is the default). 2 Click Yes or No on the CAGE/Part Number Compatibility response window. Yes causes the API Message to appear and prompts you that an error occurred because the part to be removed is not installed in the WUC location. 3 Click OK. Another API Message appears and prompts you that an exception record is written for the invalid CAGE/Part Number used. 4 Click OK when the API Remove box prompts you that the removed component has been saved This process adds the invalid CAGE/Part Number to the CGPN Exceptions list that is available from the main window Utilities menu. 5 Type the CDI signature. 6 In the Privilege Login box, type the login ID and password, and then click OK. 7 Click OK when the API Message box appears. 432 User Guide Optimized NALCOMIS OMA Work Order Update - Installed This window enables you to document the installation of a repairable component. This component may or may not be tracked and life limited in nature. This window lists parts that are available as replacements for removed items. The system automatically fills the data fields if the components exist in the database as tracked inventory items. If the repairable component is not in the database, the required data fields should be filled in. 1 Open the specific VED (see "Open a VED" on page 342). 2 Double-click the specific Modex or Serno on the VED to open the Active Work Order Query list. 3 Right-click the work order on the Active Work Order Query list, choose Update, and select Installed. 4 To install the component, click the applicable topic for procedures: ! When component to be installed exists in the database (see "WO Update - Installed, when Component exists i...
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