OOMA User Guide

OOMA User Guide

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Unformatted text preview: ls access to the network, fulfills the requests issued by a client process in regards to the database, and provides resources for nodes working on the network. EAH DOCNUM Engine Composition Tracking An automated system used to track the composition, location, and counting specific time/cycles of life usages of an aircraft engine, propulsion systems, modules, and components. Document Number A specific seven (7) positions alphanumeric characters generated by the Optimized NALCOMIS OMA system, which identifies a flight document. Equipment Assigned Hours ECOMTRAK EFH Engine Flight Hour Accumulated flight hours usage of an engine. OMA Glossary 537 EHR EOT Equipment History Record A two-page form that provides a method of monitoring specific maintenance data and history on designated aeronautical equipment that does not qualify for a Scheduled Removal Component (SRC) card. Engine Operating Time A measure of engine age or life consumed, but part life limits are not defined in terms of this Life Usage Index (LUI). EIS Term used to view the IMA/OMA interface process for troubleshooting purposes. Equipment in Service The total time an aircraft was in service during a given month. ETA Eshadow EJCT Estimated Time of Arrival The estimated time a scheduled flight is scheduled to arrive. Ejection Seat An inventory subclass assigned to ejection seats. ETD EMS Estimated Time of Departure The estimated time a scheduled flight is scheduled to depart. Engine Monitoring System A medium used by specific type aircraft that monitors the engine fatigue cycles. F EMU Fatigue Engine Monitoring System A management information system (MIS) (electronic system) that provides stress and fatigue data relevant to engine performance. Engine Memory Unit ENG Aircraft engine An inventory subclass assigned to an engine as an assembly. EOC Equipment Operational Capability An alpha character code that identifies a particular aircraft system or subsystem that when degraded impairs the aircraft's capability to perform its assigned missions. EOR Equipment Operating Record A record maintained for all engines to document the compilation of their monthly utilization. EOS Equipment out of Service A total time an aircraft was out of service for a given month. FEMS FGC Family Group Code The first four numbers of the National Stock Number (NSN) that describe to which specific group a part belongs. FIST Flight Information Scheduling and Tracking A management information system (MIS) used by the Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC) that processes flight activity. FLLLR Flight Loads, Launch, and Landing Data Reporting FLT Naval Flight Record Sheet One of the data sources used in Optimized NALCOMIS OMA to document flight hours and other usage in the Configuration Management Subsystem. 538 User Guide Optimized NALCOMIS OMA FMC ILS Full Mission Capable Material condition of an aircraft that describes it can perform all of its assigned missions. Integrated Logistics Support A composite of support consideratio...
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