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The tasks tab 3 on the tasks tab select one or more

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Unformatted text preview: ompleted, the selected task no longer appears in the Tasks tab. Note: Tasks that are built in the baseline "Auto-Create" will continue to reappear on the task tab. If a task appears in error, contact the Baseline Manager (BLM) for task review. To contact the BLM, click Help from the NALCOMIS OMA Window, select Technical Support, type Points of Contact, and click Optimized NALCOMIS OMA Baseline Trouble Desk Manager. Task Status Authorization This dialog box appears when a change of status to a task is required. It enables you to authorize a change of task status of an existing task against a selected inventory item from PEND (pending) to ACTV (active). It also appears during task creation twherein the status defaults to PENDING. This dialog box appears when you select any of the following options from a shortcut menu or when you click the corresponding toolbar button: ! ! Deconfigure Task (on page 222) ! 1 Suspend Task (on page 221) Cancel Task (on page 221) Enter the Status and Deferral Reason. 2 Modify the date as needed. 3 Type a brief description of the task status in the Note field and click OK. The previous dialog box reappears. Deconfigure Task The Deconfigure Task option enables you to change the status of a completed TD enabling similar inventory item to comply with the same modification requirement. 1 Open the Inventory Explorer (see "How to Access the Inventory Explorer" on page 193). 2 On the Tasks property sheet, check the Show Historical Tasks Only box to display all completed TD tasks. Chapter 4 Configuration Management and Logs & Records Subsystem 223 3 Select the TD to be deconfigured and click Deconfigure Task, or right-click the specific TD and select Deconfigure Task. The Task Status Authorization dialog box appears with PENDING as default status. 4 On the Task Status Authorization dialog box, change the TD status to NINC. Type a brief narrative relevant to the change and click OK. This process places the TD in a PEND status under the Tasks property sheet. Task Plans Tab Note: Only the Baseline Manager (BLM) has the capability to create and delete any item that does not have an established baseline related to Task, Task Plans, and Usage Records. Once the BLM completes the inventory item's baseline information, it becomes available for use at the foundation level (OMA, IMA, and Depot). The Inventory Explorer Task Plans tab is divided into two areas: ! The upper portion shows the Task Plan (phase and IMC inspections), Task Plan Step, Deadline Date, Usage, Assembly Code, and BUNO/Serno. It also shows the toolbar buttons that enable you to create task plan, view or modify task plan properties, cancel, activate, suspend, or complete task plan step. ! The lower portion shows the Task (phase and IMC inspections breakdown), Priority, Status, Deadline Time, and Inventory item and associated descriptions. It also displays the toolbar buttons that enable you to view or modify task properties, view next, defer, susp...
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