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The initiation process 1 enter the type work order

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Unformatted text preview: if other than the default. 4 Enter the aircraft status. P opens the WUC/UNS listing for systems that affect the PMC of the aircraft. U or D opens the WUC/UNS field with the WUC/UNS listing for the systems that affect the PMC of the aircraft. For procedures, see WUC/UNS Selection. 5 Complete the remaining fields with attention to the Received Date/Time. 6 Click Save to save the work order. 7 Click OK when the MCN and JCN Assignment dialog box appears ensuring that the correct JCN matches the one previously entered. 472 User Guide Optimized NALCOMIS OMA 8 Respond to the Print prompt accordingly. 9 To continue, click the next tab, Job Status/Worker Hours/TD -orClick Close if the discrepancy is still outstanding to exit the Contingency mode and add the work order to the active work orders list. For more information, see Contingency Processing (on page 469). Higher Authority Cannibalization For procedures on initiating this type of cannibalization action, see the following topics: ! Initiate a Higher Authority Cannibalization (on page 470) ! Cannibalization Wizard - Directed by Higher Authority (on page 382) Work Order Update - Job Status/Worker Hours/TD When performing either contingency or online processing, this tab enables you to add, update, or delete workers, hours, and to verify toolbox and job status changes. # To add, update, delete workers, hours, and verify toolbox and job status changes: 1 Click the latest job status (M3 is the default) and click the Add/Edit Worker/In Time button. 2 On the Worker Hours dialog box, click your work center and select your name from the list. If there are outstanding works order assigned to you, close them first. 3 Click Add to add your name to the Worker Hours field. 4 Enter your toolbox number, the appropriate Start and End Date/Time if other than the current date/time, and the initials of the CDI in the CDI field during contingency processing. 5 Click Apply and OK. 6 Click the next tab. 7 At the Attention prompt to save the tab page, click Yes. For more information, see the following topics: ! Worker Hours (on page 428) ! Contingency Processing (on page 469) Chapter 5 Maintenance Subsystem 473 Work Order Update - Failed/Required When performing Contingency or Online Processing, the Work Order Update - Failed/Required tab enables you to enter data to be used in ordering failed or required material during system down or system unavailability. This tab contains three command buttons: ADD Failed, ADD Required, and Apply. The buttons become available depending on the transaction code used. In Online Processing, this tab enables you to enter data used in ordering the failed or required material during system down time or unavailability. # To add failed material: 1 Click the ADD Failed button. 2 Enter the appropriate Action and Malfunction Codes, CAGE, Part Number, and Quantity. 3 Modify the Create Reqn field to Y. 4 This process makes available the Project and Priority Codes fields. Enter the appropriate codes and...
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