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The report displays the smqs assigned to the selected

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Unformatted text preview: . 1 To view a report with multiple pages, use the scroll bar on the right side. 2 To generate another report, click the Report Selection button and do the following: a) On the Personnel Access dialog box, enter your selection criteria. For procedures, see Personnel Access (on page 520). b) Select Screen or Printer in the Report To box, and then click OK or press Enter. 3 Click Close to return to the Personnel Information window. Maintain Aircrew History The Personnel - Aircrew History tab in the Personnel Information window enables you to maintain the history of each aircrew in your organization. The tab displays the aircrew's Life Information flight hours, approaches, landings, and training history by TEC. The data is entered manually when the aircrew's account is initially established. Each aircrew history is automatically updated as when aircrew documents the flight in the Flight Subsystem. This tab also displays the Day/Night counts for landings and approaches, and flight hours. 1 On the Personnel Information window, open the user record from the Operations work center list; see Open a User Account (on page 515). 2 Select an aircrew from the list. The Aircrew History tab is enabled and allows you to view the records. If the aircrew does not have a current history record, click OK when the TEC History dialog box appears. To add history data, click the Aircrew History tab. a) Click Aircrew History tab. b) Enter or select TEC from list. 522 User Guide Optimized NALCOMIS OMA c) Enter the appropriate flight hours to the corresponding data fields under the Life Info column. d) Click Save. This process activates the other command buttons: Modify Approach, Modify Landing, and Modify Training. e) Click each Modify button to enter approaches, landings, and training codes as applicable. 3 For procedures, see the following topics: ! Modify Approach History (on page 522) ! Modify Landing History (on page 523) ! Modify Training History (on page 523) 4 Click Apply to update each history record. 5 Click Save. For more information, see the following topics: ! History Table - Approach (on page 523) ! History Table - Landing (on page 523) ! History Table - Training (on page 524) Modify Approach History For an overview of this procedure, see Personnel - Aircrew History (on page 514). # To add: 1 Click the Modify Approach button. The History Table - Approach dialog box appears with: ! two blank fields - Approach Cd and Count ! two command buttons - Apply and Cancel 2 From the Approach Code list, enter or select the Approach code. In the Count box, enter the count. 3 Click Apply. 4 Repeat steps 1-3 to add additional Approach codes. # To modify: Select the previously saved code and in the Count box, enter the new count. # To delete: Select the previously saved code and click Apply. Chapter 7 Personnel Subsystem 523 History Table - Approach The History Table - Approach dialog box appears when you click Modify Approach on the Aircrew History tab. It enables you to bu...
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