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They are installed non aircraft assembly subclasses

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Unformatted text preview: sed for Support Equipment that provides its own usage (meter time), may have installed subassemblies (class TRK, subclass SRC, EHR) SEWC Used for Work Center Support Equipment Class: SYS (subclass SYS) SYS Used as placeholders to further define substructures. Class: TRK (tracked parts) EXP Explosive Devices MSR Module Service Record (modular engine) ASR Assembly Service Record Component SASR Assembly Service Record ComponentSubassembly items SRC Scheduled Removal Component EHR Equipment History Record (component) REP Repairable Component SET This is a system placeholder for each Explosive Device set (individual explosive devices are TRK class, EXP subclass) STR Structural Life Limited Component ALSS Aviation Life Support System OFP Operational Flight Program Chapter 2 Quick Reference Guide in Optimized NALCOMIS OMA AAE Aircraft Armament Equipment Class: BOM (Bill of Material, used for new/unassigned components) Class: UNTRK (Untracked components, no serial numbers) Task Classes and Subclasses RMVL Class: Removal task class applies to ASSY and TRK Inventory classes. Note: RMVL class creates removal/install (E&G record on work orders) and saves history against the item. OVHL Overhaul REP Repair REW Rework RET Retire INSP Class: Inspection task applies to all inventory classes. INSP Subclasses: ACCPT Acceptance Inspection ASPA Aircraft Service Period Adjustment COND Conditional Inspection ENG Major Engine Inspection MCAPP Modification, Corrosion, and Paint Program PH Phase Inspection (Phase Types A, B, C, D) PRES Preservation further defined by Task Plan Definitions (7, 14 Day Preservation) DEPRES Depreservation SPEC Special Inspections (Special Insp Intervals 7, 14, 28, 56, etc.) TRNSFR Transfer Inspection PDM Phase Depot Maintenance PACE Paint and Corrosion Evaluation IMC Integrated Maintenance Concept 41 42 User Guide Optimized NALCOMIS OMA SDLM Standard Depot Level Maintenance MOD Class: Modification task applies to all Inventory classes except System. MOD Subclasses: 01 Power Plant Bulletin (PPB) 02 Power Plant Change (PPC) 03 Quick Engine Change Kit Change (QEC) 04 Quick Engine Change Kit Bulletin (QEB) 05 Training Equipment Change (TEC) 06 Training Equipment Bulletin (TEB) 07 Reusable Container Change (RCC) 08 Reusable Container Bulletin (RSB) 40 Commodity Software Change (CSC) 41 Commodity Software Bulletin (CSB) 50 Airframe Change (AFC) 51 Dynamic Component Change (DCC) 52 Dynamic Component Bulletin (DCB) 54 Avionics Change (AVC) 55 Avionics Bulletin (AVB) 56 Aviation Armament Change (AAC) 57 Aviation Armament Bulletin (AAB) 58 Accessory Bulletin (AYB) 61 Accessory Change (AYC) 62 Support Equipment Change (SEC) 63 Support Equipment Bulletin (SEB) 64 Propeller Change (PRC) 65 Propeller Bulletin (PRB) 66 Aircrew System Change (ACC) 67 Aircrew System Bulletin (ACB) 68 Photographic Change (PHC) 69 Photographic Bulletin (PHB) 73 Meteorological Equipment Change (MEC) 74 Airframes Bulletin (AFB) 75 Airborne Weapon Change (AWC) 76 Airborne Weapon B...
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