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To select the current date 3 click ok the selected

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Unformatted text preview: The selected dates appear in the corresponding fields on the reports selection window. NALCOMIS OMA Menu The following topics list the window structure of the Optimized NALCOMIS OMA subsystems. The NALCOMIS OMA main window displays the corresponding toolbar buttons to gain access to the subsystems. Ad Hoc Utility Menu Normal Expert Flight Subsystem Menu Scheduler 24 User Guide Optimized NALCOMIS OMA Maintain Tactical Crews Maintain Snivel Log Entry Maintain Schedule Report Update Activity Data Delete a Flight Event Maintain Watch Bill Maintain Notes and Signatures Create Cancelled Documents for Outdated Events Flight Document Flight Document - Initiation Flight Document - Active Flight Document - Historical Flight Document - Query Flight Document - Aircraft Flight Document - Aircrew Flight Document - Flight Legs Flight Document - Missions Flight Document - Flight Hours Flight Document - Weapons Update a Flight Document Delete a Flight Document Approval Flight Document Approval Aircraft Approved Departure Approved Aircrew Approved Other Activity/Sim Document Approval Queries Aircraft (AMR) Query Simulator (SMR) Query Individual Aircrew History Query Weapons History Query Reports Aircrew Flight Report Aircraft Flight Report Flight Training Report Aircrew Flight Summary by TEC Report Chapter 2 Quick Reference Guide in Optimized NALCOMIS OMA Aircrew Flight Summary by SSN Report Aircraft Flight Summary Report Individual Master Roster Report A/C Landing Code and MSN Summary Report Completed Document by Aircraft Report Completed Documents by Installed Engine Report Personnel Data Facsimile Report Export SSN History Import SSN History Interface Flight Document from SHARP/FIST Configuration Management/Logs & Records Subsystem Menu WAN Explorer Menu (on page 25) Group Explorer Menu (on page 26) Inventory Explorer Menu (on page 27) Logset Retrieval Menu (on page 28) Logset Explorer Menu (on page 28) Assembly Catalog Menu (on page 28) Assembly Explorer Menu (on page 29) DODIC Catalog Menu (on page 30) Reference Term Editor Menu (on page 30) Maintenance Plan Catalog Menu (on page 31) CM Reports Menu (on page 31) XRAY Explorer Menu (on page 32) WAN Explorer Menu Edit Add to Local Address Book Remove from Local Address Book Find Tools Item Search Tabs 25 26 User Guide Optimized NALCOMIS OMA Database Description Tab WAN Replication (Transfer Log) Tab WAN Address Book Tab Local Address Book Tab Group Explorer Menu Primary Group Create Group at Current or Next Level Create Group>Folder/Detachment Create Detachment>Augment Detachment Group Properties Delete Group Transfer to Address Book Inventory Tab Inventory Explorer Transfer History Relocate to Another Group Find Personnel Tab Relocate To Deployment Availability Tab Outbox Group Inventory Explorer Group Properties Inventory Tab Inventory Explorer Transfer History Relocate to Another Group Find Transfer Items Online Save Items to File Personnel Tab Send Selected Items Offloaded Items Tab Save Items to Tape...
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