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Unformatted text preview: (on page 92). Export SSN History The Export SSN History option on the Flight Document window enables you to gather flight information on visiting aircrew personnel. Visiting aircrew personnel are those who do not belong to your organization but have flown your aircraft for training proficiency or other flight requirements. The system downloads their flight activities during a specified date range on a 3 ½-inch disk. This export procedure creates a medium for updating individual flight history records of visiting aircrew when they return to their parent activity. It ensures integrity of the data and prevents errors from manually entering the flight document into the system. Duplicate copies of the disk may be produced and issued to the visiting aircrew personnel to satisfy a requirement. The aircrew or designated personnel loads a copy of the disk to the parent NALCOMIS OMA system. The NALCOMIS OMA system reads the disk and then updates the aircrew flight history records. 1 On the Flight Document window, go to the File menu, choose New, and select Export SSN History or click the Export SSN History button . The SSN History Export dialog box appears and displays the ORG Code and Start and End Dates. 2 Select the appropriate ORG code of the visiting aircrew. The disk contains data pertinent to the flight activity, including the aircrew not belonging to the elected organization code. 3 Enter the dates from the Calendar (on page 21) and click OK. 4 At the SSN History Export Process prompt, click OK. 5 Download the flight activity records to the floppy disk. 6 Insert a 3 1/2 floppy disk in drive A: 7 On the desktop, double-click My Computer and open C>OMA>data>other. 8 In the other folder, select the XXXimport file. CAUTION: For personnel security reasons, do not use .txt. 9 Go to the File menu, choose Send To, and select 3 1/2 Floppy [A]. Chapter 3 Flight Subsystem 99 SSN History Export This dialog box enables you to enter the organization code to which a visiting aircrew was assigned on a flight activity for a specific date range. For procedures, see Export SSN History (on page 98). Import SSN History The Import SSN History option on the Flight Document window enables you to load aircrew flight data from a 3 ½-inch disk to the Optimized NALCOMIS OMA system. Data from the disk updates the flight activity records of aircrew that had flown with another activity. The disk may contain data for more than one visiting aircrew. However, the NALCOMIS OMA system validates the SSNs of the aircrew and selects only the ones belonging to your activity. 1 On the Flight Document window, go to the File menu, choose New, and select Import SSN History or click the Import SSN History button . The Importing Aircrew (SSN) History Data response box appears prompting you to insert the disk in drive A. 2 Insert the disk and click OK. 3 Click OK on the SSN History Import Filename prompt with the Org Code and Filename. 4 Click OK on the SSN History Import Process prompt stating...
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