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To the file menu choose open and select flight the

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Unformatted text preview: of a flight event into a flight schedule. Approval Options to approve completed aircrew or flight documents. Queries Options to query aircraft history, individual aircrew history, or weapons history. Reports Options to generate various flight reports. Chapter 3 Flight Subsystem 61 Scheduler The Scheduler window appears when you access the Flight Subsystem and your personnel assignment is either B (both Maintenance and Aircrew) or M (Maintenance, including enlisted personnel assigned to the Operations Department). The Scheduler is a management tool utilized by the Operations Department to prepare the flight schedules in a few weeks in advance. This tool is also linked to the Maintenance Subsystem to ensure that aircraft assigned to the flight schedule are available and ready for flight on specified times. This window enables you to create, modify, or delete flight events that make up the flight schedules. Additionally, you can view current and future flight schedules. The default window contains prefilled fields (Organization Code and Scheduled Date) and a blank Event Number field with green or red dots next to them. The red dot indicates the field requires a mandatory entry; once filled with valid data the red dot turns green. The green dot indicates the field is modifiable. This tool uses three distinct windows. Click on the following topics for procedures: ! Scheduler Aircraft (on page 73) ! Scheduler Aircrew (on page 75) ! Scheduler Crew Activity (on page 76) With proper authorization, you can also access other subsystems when necessary without exiting the current process from this window. The Scheduler window enables you to perform the following tasks: ! Create a Flight Event (on page 68) ! Modify a Flight Event (on page 69) ! Delete a Flight Event (on page 70) ! Create Cancelled Documents for Outdated Events (on page 70) ! Update Activity Data (on page 73) ! Schedule Report (see "Maintain Schedule Report" on page 71) ! Query Aircraft, Simulator, Aircrew History, and Weapons History (on page 114) ! Approve Flight Documents (on page 108) 62 User Guide Optimized NALCOMIS OMA Toolbar Buttons - Scheduler The following toolbar buttons open windows and selection boxes, and displays other information you may need to complete a flight event: Toolbar Button/Menu Option Actions>Update Activity Data Actions>Maintain Astronomical Data Actions>Maintain Watch Bill Action Displays the organizational and astronomical data of your activity. Displays the geographical settings (examples: moonrise, moonset, latitude, longitude) to assist the aircrews in performing assigned missions. Displays the list of personnel that stands duty on assigned dates. Actions>Maintain Schedule Report Displays details of flight schedules that include astronomical data, note and signatures, and watch bill information. Actions>Maintain Snivel Log Entries Displays the Snivel Log Entry window to list unavailable aircrew at specific times to be scheduled for any flight...
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