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Two buttons that enable you to assign or remove smqs

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Unformatted text preview: intain Personnel SMQ Assignments (on page 518). Personnel - Organization Code The Personnel - Organization Code tab is available only when you are in a multi-Org environment. It displays the user's permanent organization, other organizations if assigned, and the Add/Remove ORG button that enables you to add or remove ORGs on a user record. For procedures on this tab, see Maintain Personnel Organization Code Assignments (on page 517). Personnel - Crew The Personnel - Crew tab displays flight qualifications information and the aircrew equipment assigned to the selected aircrew. It enables you to manually enter flight qualifications data when establishing a new aircrew account. This tab allows you to record the aircrew equipment assigned to the aircrew during the modify mode and once the equipment has been added to the ALSS inventory. 1 Enter or select data from the drop-down list for each appropriate data field. 2 Click Save. The new aircrew is added to the database. 514 User Guide Optimized NALCOMIS OMA For procedures, see Maintain User Accounts (on page 515). See Also Aircrew Equipment Report ................................................322 Personnel - Aircrew History The Personnel - Aircrew History tab displays a selected aircrew's flight hours, approaches, landings, and training history by TEC. Data is manually entered when the aircrew's account is initially established. Individual history records are automatically updated as the individual completes each flight document. Note: Changes to the aircrew history tab should only be performed at the home guard and not while on detachment. For procedures on this tab, see Maintain Aircrew History (on page 521). Personnel Information - Procedures The Details tab on the Personnel Information window contains the NALCOMIS OMA User Account form. From here, you can perform tasks relating to personnel assigned to your organization. It enables you to add, modify, or delete personnel and their types, SMQ assignments, and history. It also enables you to maintain the SMQ and Task - SMQ Assignment Tables, as well as generate the Personnel Access Report. 1 Double-click the Org Code to view all work centers assigned to it. 2 Double-click the Work Center number to display all personnel assigned to it. Note: While on a detachment, you cannot add or delete personnel. The same rule applies to an augment. Modifications to personnel data other than SMQ, Work Center, and IMA password are not authorized. For more details, see the NALCOMIS OOMA System and Database Administration Guide. For procedures, see the applicable topic listed under "In This Section." Personnel Query The Personnel Query dialog box enables you to expeditiously locate and open a user account within the organization. 1 Open the Personnel Information window (see "How to Access the Personnel Subsystem" on page 511). Chapter 7 Personnel Subsystem 515 2 On the Personnel Information window, double-click the organization name on the tree view. 3 Cl...
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