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Upon completion of an aircraft flight or

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Unformatted text preview: throughout the Department of the Navy. NETS Naval Engineering and Technical Service Composed of organic navy personnel (military and civilians) that provides training and instructions to naval personnel afloat and ashore on highly technical systems. NIIN National Item Identification Number The last nine-digits of the National Stock Number (NSN) identifies a specific part. OMA Glossary 541 NINC OOD Not Incorporated A technical directive status code describing that a technical directive is not yet incorporated. Officer of the Day A watch stander assuming the responsibilities of the commanding officer for a period of time the commanding officer is absent. NMC OOMA Not Mission Capable A material condition of an aircraft that describes its inability to perform any of assigned missions. Optimized NALCOMIS OMA A modern, real-time on line responsive computer based automated management information system (MIS) allows Navy and Marine Corps aviation personnel to record flight and maintenance actions. NMCD Not Mission Capable Depot A material condition of an aircraft as it undergoes depot level maintenance. It also reflects the percentage of its degradation during a reporting period as shown in MAINT1 and MAINT-2 reports. NMCS Non-Mission Capable Supply A material condition of an aircraft that describes its inability to perform any of assigned missions due to shortage of parts. NMTS Navy Management and Technical Service NSN National Stock Number A 13-digit number identifies a part within the Federal Supply Class (FSC) and National Item Identification Number (NIIN). NSWC Naval Surface Warfare Center An activity at Naval Air Station, Patuxent River, MD that uses Optimized NALCOMIS OMA to interface with its FIST program. O OMA Organizational Maintenance Activity An aviation organization that performs a maintenance level 1 on assigned aircraft and equipment for upkeep and airworthiness. OPNAVINST Chief of Naval Operations Instruction Instructions set forth by Chief of Naval Operation. ORG Organization A three (3) positions alphanumeric character code that identifies an organization within a major command. OSM Operational Service Month Expected accumulation of operating service months when the period end date (PED) has been reached. P PACE Paint and Corrosion Evaluation PDM Phase Depot Maintenance A type of aircraft maintenance an aircraft undergoes that is performed in phases rather than one depot occurrence. PEB Pre-Expended Bin A supply location, where low cost but high usage parts are maintained. 542 User Guide Optimized NALCOMIS OMA PED PN Period End Date The specific month and year in which the current operating period expires for a given aircraft. Part Number 1-32 positions alphanumeric character that describes a part. PEDD Q Platform Electronics Display Device QA REQ PID Quality Assurance Required An indicator on a work order that dictates whether a completed maintenance action requires to be inspected by a Quality Assurance Representative (QAR). Planned Inspection Date PMA Pr...
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