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When you are in the scheduler aircraft window it

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Unformatted text preview: the code to locate in the listing accordingly. 2 To add all TMRs, click Add All. 3 Click OK. Scheduler Aircrew This window enables you to add, update, or delete aircrew on a specific flight event. Aircrew may be selected from any of the tabs. The following tabs and command buttons are available: Squadron List tab Displays all aircrew assigned to the activity, including those assigned with the exception code of "S." Tactical List tab Displays names of established tactical crew groups. When you select a tactical crew name, all aircrew assigned to the tactical crew name are automatically added as a group. Visitors List tab Displays aircrew with the exception code of "E." 76 User Guide Optimized NALCOMIS OMA Sort button Enables you to sort the columns on the Squadron List or Visitors List tab. For procedures, see Sort (on page 139). Remove Tactical Removes the tactical crew group from the scheduled flight event. Finish Returns to the beginning of the Scheduler window. 1 Open the Scheduler (see "How to Access the Flight Subsystem" on page 60). 2 On the Scheduler Aircrew window, click the aircrew name, the crew name of the tactical group, or the visitor aircrew. You can combine selections from the lists. 3 When the aircrew names appear on the Scheduled Crewmember's List block on the right side of each tab, select the special qualification for each crewmember from the available list. 4 To remove a crewmember from the list, simply click the name. However, to remove a tactical group, select the group name, and then click Remove Tactical. All the crewmembers that are part of the Tactical Group are removed. 5 Click Next or Finish. 6 Click Print List to display the Scheduler Crew Activity. 7 Click Finish to complete the flight event. For more information, see Delete a Scheduled Flight Event (see "Delete a Flight Event" on page 70). Scheduler Crew Activity This window enables you to add, update, or delete the training and proficiency data of aircrew assigned to a specific flight event. It also enables you to delete the entire scheduled flight event if no longer required. next to the aircrew names displays the Training Codes, Clicking Training Area, and Ordn Codes for each aircrew and enables you to enter the codes for the aircrew. 1 Open the Scheduler (see "How to Access the Flight Subsystem" on page 60). 2 On the Scheduler Crew Activity window, assign or remove aircrew proficiency training codes: ! Click next to the aircrew name under the Training Code header. ! Follow procedures on the Multi-Select - Training Code List (on page 77) selection box. Chapter 3 Flight Subsystem 77 Note: If the aircrew's syllabus code does not match the Flight Scheduler TEC, a training code prompt box appears telling the user that 'No Training codes retrieved, but restoring by TEC only.' 3 Enter or remove Training Area data: ! Click next to the aircrew name under the Training Area header. ! Enter data in the Training Area, if required. ! When...
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