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Wizard enables you to cannibalize consumable parts

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Unformatted text preview: craft to restore a "ready" aircraft that is in need of similar consumable parts. Consumable parts are those items that are used up or expended (for example: seals, adapters, specific hardware). This cannibalization is a two-step process. This dialog box is Step 1 of 2; and displays the codes AK1 and 06 in the Project and Priority Codes fields, respectively. These codes can be modified. It also displays information on the target and source aircraft Modexes and the Order Consumable button. 1 Navigate through the steps by clicking the following buttons: Next to continue, Back to return to the previous window, or Cancel to discontinue the process 2 Click Order Consumable. The Order Consumable Part dialog box appears. To continue, see the applicable topic listed under "In This Section." Step 1 - Consumables Ordered This dialog box enables you to order the required consumable part(s) taken from the source aircraft before its movement to the target aircraft that requires the part. 1 On the Order Consumable Part dialog box, enter the CAGE, Part Number, quantity, and Reference, if necessary 2 Click Apply and then click OK. The Consumables Ordered dialog box reappears with the CAGE, Part Number, Quantity, and Reference/Nomenclature prefilled. Chapter 5 Maintenance Subsystem 381 3 Move the pointer to the row you want and click Next to go to step 2 (see "Step 2 - Cannibalization Work Order Fill-in" on page 381). Step 2 - Cannibalization Work Order Fill-in 1 This dialog box enables you to view the information that was ordered, the DDSN, and the original MCN in the Description block. The data fields, Description, System Reason, Work Center, and the Create/Received Date and Time can be modified as needed. 2 Click Finish. The Building Cannibalization Work Order dialog box appears with the CM WO MCN and JCN Assignment response box. This box displays the new MCN and JCN. 3 At the Print prompt, respond accordingly. 4 Click Close to return to the Aircraft VED. The DDSN used to cannibalize the part from the source aircraft will be reflected on the work order that is in AWP status. The removed part will now appear in the Outbox selection group of the Group Explorer awaiting transfer to the designated site. For a complete overview of the cannibalization process, see Cannibalization Authorization (on page 375) and Cannibalization Processing (on page 378). Cannibalization Wizard - Uninstalled This cannibalization wizard is applicable for components that are received and designated as replacements for an aircraft because of previous cannibalization actions. These components are placed on the shelves to be installed later. In the mean time, they become eligible for cannibalization action when deemed necessary. 382 User Guide Optimized NALCOMIS OMA Cannibalization Wizard - Directed by Higher Authority This cannibalization wizard enables you to remove a repairable part and its associated consumable part(s) from your aircraft to satisfy a material req...
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