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You want to relocate and select relocate to another

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Unformatted text preview: p. Note 1: Although the OUTBOX is the default when the Select Group response box appears, do not select it if you are just moving an inventory item or personnel to another selection group. OUTBOX is only used for transfers. For procedures, see Transfer Aircraft, Equipment, Component, and/or Personnel Online (on page 184). Note 2: If you select OUTBOX from the Select Group dialog box, the Transfer To response box appears. The Transfer To box lists the designated remote site to where you can transfer the item or personnel. Additionally, if the aircraft or personnel is being moved to the OUTBOX, the Item Transfer Report - Outstanding dialog box appears. For more information, see Item Transfer Report - Outstanding (on page 206). Item Transfer Report - Outstanding This dialog box enables you to view or print a list of all outstanding work orders, flight, or logset documents. This box appears when the Relocate to Another Group option is used and the OUTBOX selection group is selected from the Select Group dialog box, or when the Run Transfer Report option is selected. 1 Click each tab to view or print a list. The list contains the relevant action to take to complete a document (Maintenance and Flight Subsystems). 2 Proceed to complete the documents following the procedures in the following topics: ! Active Work Order Query (on page 419) ! Flight Document Approval (on page 110) ! Logset Explorer (on page 231) Chapter 4 Configuration Management and Logs & Records Subsystem 207 For more information, see Relocate Inventory Item or Personnel to Another Group (on page 205) or Run Transfer Report (on page 199). Note: If the work order's status indicator is 1, 3, or 4, the process stops. It requires further action. Status Indicators: 1 - Awaiting JCN, either to be rejected or approved. 3 - Awaiting CDI/QAR signature. 4 - Awaiting to be sent to history. If the work order's status indicator is IW, you must close it out. CDI must sign the Toolbox field. Relocate Aircraft to the OUTBOX The Relocate To option in the Inventory Explorer enables you to relocate aircraft from the PRIMARY to the OUTBOX group. Although this option is used primarily to move aircraft between groups, moving the aircraft to the OUTBOX means that the aircraft is transferred out of your organization at a future time. 1 Open the Inventory Explorer (see "How to Access the Inventory Explorer" on page 193). 2 Right-click the aircraft Modex that you want to relocate and select Relocate To. 3 In the Select Group dialog box, select OUTBOX and click OK. The following prompts may appear: Item Transfer Report - Outstanding - This prompt appears if there are outstanding documents (work orders, flight documents, or logsets). These documents must first be completed before continuing the relocation process. -orTransfer To - This prompt appears and displays a list of sites where you can transfer the selected item. For more information, see Transfer To (on page 180). 4 In the Transfer To dialog box...
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