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Unformatted text preview: e (decimal) integer 50 in, oh, “hexadecimal,” otherwise known as base- 16? Recall that decimal is simply base- 10, and binary is simply base- 2. Infer from those base systems how to represent this one! Itching to Program? £༊ Surf on over to the URL below and sign up for an account on MIT’s website by clicking Signup atop the page. http://scratch.mit.edu/ £༊ Any username (that’s available) is fine, but take care to remember it and your choice of password. Then head to the URL below and take note of the resources available to you before you dive into Scratch itself. http://info.scratch.mit.edu/Support £༊ In particular, you might want to skim the Getting Started Guide. Next, read through the tutorial below, which presents Scratch in terms a (soon- to- be) programmer should understand. http://cs.harvard.edu/malan/scratch/ 2 < 8 This is CS50. Harvard University Fall 2012 £༊ If not already installed on the computer you’re using, download Scratch itself via the URL below.1,2 http://scratch.mit.edu/download £༊ Take care to download version 1.4. Once downloaded, install the software by double- clicking its icon and/or following any on- screen directions. If unsure how to install, don’t hesitate to post with a pset0 label at cs50.net/discuss! Next head to http://scratch.mit.edu/projects/lindorniel/40241 to see Scratch Scratch Revolution by Ann Chi ’08 (aka lindorniel). You should find yourself at MIT’s website with Ann’s project (screenshot below) embedded in your browser. £༊ If you do not see Ann’s project, you may need to download and install a “Java Runtime Environment” (aka “Java Virtual Machine” or “JVM”). To do so, follow the link to Java at https://www.cs50.net/software/, follow any on- screen instructions, then return to MIT’s website. If unsure how to install, don’t hesitate to ask at cs50.net/discuss! Once Ann’s project has loaded in your browser, press your space bar to begin!3 See if you can’t beat some of the high scores claimed in the page’s Comments. Better yet, email the page’s URL to a friend, and see if you can’t beat him or her! If you’ve no experience (or comfort) whatsoever with programming, rest assured that Ann’s project...
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