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Unformatted text preview: dow that appears. Take note of the URL in your browser’s address bar. That’s your project’s URL on MIT’s website, and you’ll need to know it later. Note that some projects, particularly those with sounds or lots of sprites, do not function properly when embedded in MIT’s website. Not to worry! We’ll be sure to download your .sb file and open it in the non- browser version of Scratch. £༊ When done admiring your work, head on over to the URL below. https://www.cs50.net/galleries/2012/fall/scratch Make sure that you’re still logged into MIT’s website. (If you see “Welcome” followed by your username atop the page, you are.) If not, click Login to log in again. Toward the page’s right- hand side, click add my projects and wait for a window to appear. Once that window appears, click your own project’s name, wait for a checkmark to appear to in the box to the left of it, then click Accept. If you return to the URL above, you should find that your project has been added to Fall 2012’s gallery for others to enjoy. If not, try once more or reach out to the course’s staff for assistance. If you really, really don’t want your work included in the course’s gallery, you may opt out of this particular step. But you must still upload your project to MIT’s server (by clicking Share → Share This Project Online...), per the previous step. And you must still “submit” your project to us, per this document’s end. How Stuff Works. £༊ Head to http://www.explainthatstuff.com/harddrive.html and read up on how hard disk drives (aka HDDs) work. You may also want to re- watch the two videos we saw on Friday of Week 0, both of which are linked under Week 0 at: https://www.cs50.net/lectures/ Once you feel you’ve wrapped your mind around the technology, try explaining how HDDs work in a few sentences verbally to a roommate or friend. (For real!) There are far too many people in this world who know what they’re talking about but do not know how to explain what they know to non- technical people, so it’s very good practice!5 5 Plus, we may ask you to explain them to us before long! 6 < 8 This is CS50. Harvard University Fall 2012 How to Submit. £༊ To submit this problem set, head to the URL below. https://www.cs50.net/psets/0/ £༊ You’ll find that a few questions await. Be extra- sure that your answers are correct, particularly your email address(es) and your project’s URL, else we may overlook your submission! And be sure to click Submit on the last page of that form in order to submit this, your first CS50 problem set! kthxbai! 7 < 8...
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