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Unformatted text preview: is more complex than what we expect for this first problem set. But it does reveal what you can do with Scratch. 1 Installers for Linux are available at http://info.scratch.mit.edu/Linux_Installer. Students running an operating system other than a supported version of Linux, Mac OS, or Windows should please find a computer with a supported operating system to use for this problem set (e.g., in the Science Center, a house’s lab, or a friend’s room). 3 If the game doesn’t start, try clicking the green flag in the project’s top- right corner, then hit your space bar again. 2 3 < 8 This is CS50. Harvard University Fall 2012 Let’s take a look at one other project. Head to http://scratch.mit.edu/projects/cs50/37413 £༊ to see a project you probably haven’t yet seen by Carlos Herrera. This game, too, you can play within the confines of your browser. But let’s download its “source code” (i.e., its .sb file). Click the link labeled cherrera in the page’s top- right corner, just below Download this project! If told by a pop- up to log in, click the link labeled Login atop the page and log in with the username and password that you created earlier for MIT’s website, then click cherrera again. If prompted to open or save the file (called cherrera.sb), go ahead and save it to your desktop so that it’s easy to find. Then launch the non- browser version of Scratch (i.e., the one that you downloaded and installed earlier) by clicking its own icon on your desktop, in your Applications folder, in Program Files, or wherever you installed it. Click File → Open... toward Scratch’s top- left corner, and navigate your way to Carlos’s project, wherever it ended up on your hard drive. Spend some time looking over Carlos’s scripts. Don’t forget that each sprite has its own set of scripts. Try to get a sense of how the overall program works. Try making some changes, even while the program is running, to see how the program responds. Note that this project is probably a bit simpler than we expect of you for this problem set, but it’s a good one to learn from because it’s pretty easy to follow. And do appreciate that this game, like all Scratch projects, reduces...
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