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Unformatted text preview: probably implemented a stationary goal before he tried to make it move up and down on its own. If, along the way, you find it too difficult to implement some feature, try not to fret; alter your design or work around the problem. If you set out to implement an idea that you find fun, you should not find it hard to satisfy this problem set’s requirements. If you suspect your program might fall short of our expectations, feel free to ask a member of the staff for an opinion prior to submitting. £༊ Alright, off you go. Make us proud! If you have questions or want a hand making your project even better, do take advantage of office hours. Alternatively, post questions at cs50.net/discuss! Once finished with your project, upload it to your account on MIT’s server by clicking Share → Share This Project Online... toward the top of Scratch’s window. Provide “Your Scratch website login name” (i.e., username) and password that you chose earlier, some project notes (e.g., some instructions or a description), and zero or more tags; ensure that your “Project name” is your MIT username. Best to leave Compress sounds and images checked. Then click the OK button. Assuming you’re informed that “Your project is now online at scratch.mit.edu,” head on over to the URL below.4 http://scratch.mit.edu/login Log in (if you aren’t already logged in) with your username and password. Once logged in, click my stuff toward the page’s top- right corner. You should see the project you just uploaded among My Projects. Go ahead and click its name or icon. Your project should be embedded (and may 4 If informed that your project is too large to be uploaded, try to decrease its size by clicking Edit → Compress Sounds... and/or Edit → Compress Images... atop Scratch’s window. You may need to experiment with different levels of compression. Also take care to remove from each of your sprites any sounds that you imported but ended up not using. If, despite many attempts, you are still unable to upload your project to MIT’s website because of its size, best to turn to cs50.net/discuss for advice. 5 < 8 This is CS50. Harvard University Fall 2012 start running) in the win...
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