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Hail Caesar, even if you are inept. Oh yeah, LEAP DAY! LEAP DAY! LEAP DAY! English Honors: Sexually Transmitted Honors Society. Every time you get raped, you kill yourself. But suicide is a Catholic sin. So Lucina doesn’t commit suicide, she sorta spontaneously combusts. Maximus cannot cry until Aecius cries first. Power gets people off. Did then, still does. Divine right still lets you get ruled by schmucks. Commentary on James I. James gave property and land to good looking young men. He was more than likely a bassoon. Got 3,000 pounds? Come be a knight! Critiques of court: not censored. Stupid noble behavior: censored. This got through as you’ve a real life Roman Emperor in real life Rome with real life factual circumstances. Valetian doesn’t understand soldiers. We know that from historical circumstances. Why does Aecius have spies? Is he actually interesting? And they’re eunuchs! Maximus: I will sacrifice my male friendship for my revenge! I will sacrifice him at an
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Unformatted text preview: altar! I am Maxi the Mus! I am mad! Hehehehehehe! Aeicus, would you be able to live without me? Valentian: shes dead? Well, bring her back! Lucina is a post mortem object. Talking too much kills you. She is a means to an end. Hey Emperor, this is your fault. Weve got houses full of your bastard kids. We love you and all, but bad boy. The letter! Aecius is going to become the next Caesar? Oh noes! Its a female move by Maximus. Then Valentian goes off, frightened, hating the army. Also, your faithful servants are plants, Valentian. Hey look, Aeicus hurt his arm. Foreshadowing? Yeah. Does he realize it? Nah. Maximus has doubts about the plan, but then concedes and tells him to go. You know Pontius, if you kill Aeicus for us, you can become a nobleman and the general. Pontius will show him how to die, but he wont kill him....
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