16 mm up to and including 32 mm 540 340 20 for bars

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Unformatted text preview: rade II For pmuz to and including For bars over 20 mm, up to and including 50 mm 3. M&urn 7caril.s S~ccl For l~~~;p *Elongation tut piece. to and including on a gauge length 5.65 c/ Sowhere So is the cross-sectional area of the b) if he so desires, from any bar or the coil, after it has been cut to the required or specified length and the test piece taken from any part of it. In neither case, the test piece shall be detached from the bar or the coil, except in the presence of the purchaser or his authorized representative. Before test pieces are selected, the manufacturer or supplier shall furnish the purchaser or his authorized representative with copies of the mill records giving the number of bars in each cast with sizes as well as the identification marks whereby the bars from their cast or each coil can be identified. 7 IS : 432 ( Part I ) - 1982 9.2 Tensile Test - The ultimate rensiie stres+, yield stress and elongation of bars shall be determined in accordance with the requirements of IS : l.608-19i2* read in conjunction lvith I5 : 226-1975t. The ‘test pieces shall be cut from the finished material and straightened where They shall not be annealed or otherwise subjected 10 heat necessary. treatment. Any slight straightening lvhich may be required shal! be done cold. 9.2.1 In case of bars, the size of which is not uniform rhrou$out the length of test piece, limits shall be applied according to the actual maximum thickness of the piece selected for testing. 9.2.2 Should a tensile test piece break ontside the middle half of its gauge length and the percentage elongation obtained is less than that specified, the test may be discarded at the manufacturer’s option, and another test made from the same bar. 9.3 Bend Test the requirements 1975t. The bend test .shall be performed in accordance with of IS : 1599-1974: read in conjunction with 1s : 226- 9.4 Retest - Should any one of the test pieces first selected fail to pass any of the tests specified in this standard, t\vo further samples shall be selected for testing in respect of each failure. Should the test pieces from both these additional samples pass, the material represented by the test samples shall be deemed to comply with the requireinents of that particular test. Should the test piece from either of these additional samples fail, the material represented by the test samples shall be considered as not having complied with this standard. 9.5 Sampling - Sampling ante with IS : 226-1975t. 10. DELIVERY, for tensile INSPECTION AND and bend tests shall be in accdrd- TESTING 10.1 ‘Unless otherwise specified, general supply of material, inspection and testing 19675. 10.2 Ko suppliers’ material premises shall prior FACILITIES requirements shall be despatched from to its being certified relating conform the to to the IS :, 1387- manufacturer’s or by the purchaser or hir authorized representative as having fulfil!ed the tests and requirements laid down in this standard...
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