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Unformatted text preview: entre ( CSIR SERI Z. GEOROE Altmu:t ) ( M. N. Dastur & Co (P) Ltd, Calcutta SERI S. N. PAL SHRI SALIL ROY ( Aknnuft ) Hindustan Construction Co Ltd, Bombay SHRI B. K. PANTHAKY SHRI P. V. KAIK ( Alternate ) Gammon India Ltd, Bombay DR G. P. SAX.4 SHRI A. C. ROY ( Ahrnalc ) IRC Steels Ltd, CalcuttP SFIRI T. SBN Tensile Steel Ltd, Bombay SERI SEIRE!IH H. SHAH SRRI M. S. PATHAX ( Altcrrurlt ) C. R. Narayana Rao, Madras SHRI C. N. SRINIVASAN SARI C. N. RA~HA~ENDRAN ( Ahnab ) Cement Research Institute of India, New Delhi SERX S. SUBRAMANIAN SHRI AWL KUMAR ( Ahmalt ) Director Gwteral,BIS ( &-o@ Mti ) SERX G. RAMAN, Director ( Civ Engg ) &Mary SHRI M. N. NEELAKAXDHA~ As&ant Director ( Civ Engg ) BIS 2 ), IS : 432 ( Part I ) - 1982 Indian Standard SPECIFICATION FOR MILD STEEL AND MEDIUM TENSILE STEEL BARS AND HARD-DRAWN STEEL WIRE FOR CONCRETE REINFORCEMENT PART I MILD STEEL AND ( MEDIUM TENSILE STEEL BARS Third Revision ) 0. FOREWORD 0.1 This Indian Standard ( Part I ) ( Third Revision ) was adopted by the Indian Standards Institution on 31 March 15’82, after the draft finalized by the Joint Sectional Committee for Concrete Reinforreu\ent had been approved by the Civil Engineering Division Council and the Structural and Metals Division Council. 0.2 This standard was first published in 1953 and subsequently revised in 1960 and 1966. The present revision hay been taken up with a view the earlier provisions in the light of the experience gained to modifying during the use of this standard by both manufacturers and users. 0.3 This standard adopts SI units in specifying the various physical requirements. Further, some of the provisions have been revised ba?ed on the latest Indian Standards, such as IS : 22G-ltr75*, IS : 961-1975t, IS : 1599-1974:, IS : 1608-1972$, IS : 1732-197111, IS : 1762 ( Part I )19741 and IS : 1977-1975**. 0.4 The concrete reinforcement having an ultimate tensile strength of not less than 540 N/mm2 has been categorized as ‘ medium tensile steel ’ instead of ‘ high tensile steel ’ ( see IS : 961-1975t ) in this standard. In concrete reinforcement, the term ‘ high tensile steel ’ is, as a general _._-.__ *Specification for structural steel ( standard quality ) (fiflh rwision ). +Specilication for structural steel ( high tensile ) ( second reckion). *Method for bend test for steel products other than sheet, strip, wire and tube ( jirst rcviGn ) . §Method foi tensile testing of steel products ( jirirst&ion ). w IlDimensions for round and square steel bars for structural and gcncral cnginecrirg purposes (J&t revision ). ICode for designation of steel : Part I Based on letter symbols (jirrf r&ion ). **Specification for structural steel ( ordinary quality ) ( second rcoism 11. 3 IS : 432 ( Part I ) - 1982 practice, used IO mean steel having tensile strengths in a &ill higher range, say 1 000-2 200 N/mm’ which is generally used in prestrqsed concrete. 0.5 Grade II mild steel bars are not recommende...
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