The following types a mild tcnrile standard shall be

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Unformatted text preview: s: a) Mild tcnrile standard shall be steel bars. Mild steel bars shall be supplied a) Mild this stee! bars, and b) Medium 3.1.1 with steel bars, Grade b) Milcl steel bars, Grade 4. MANUFACTURE AND in the following two grades: I; and II. CHEMICAL COMPOSITION 4.1 Steel for mild steel reinforcement bars, Grade and have the chemical compositicn in accordance of Steel Designation Fe 410-S of JS : 226-1975*. I shall be manufactured with the requirements 4.2 Steel for mild steel reinforcement bars, Grade II shall be manufactured and have the chemical composition in accordance with the requirements of Steel Designation Fe 410-O of IS : 1977-1975t. *Specification for structural stc:rl ( standard quality ) ( jjlh recision ). tSpecification for ztructural steel ( ordinary quality ) ( secon’d recision 5 ). IS:432(PartI)-1982 4.3 Medium tensile steel bars shall be manufactured and chemical composition in accordance with the requirements Designation Fe 540 \\--HT of IS : C61-1975* 5. FREEDOM FROM have the of Steel DEFECTS 5.1 All finished bars shall be well and cleanly rolled to the dimensicns and weights specified. They shall be free from cracks, surface fla\\s, laminations and rough, jagged and imperfect edges and all other harmful defects, 6. NOMINAL SIZES AND MASS 6.1 Sizes - Mild steel and medium tensile steel bars shall be supplied in the following nominal sizes: Diameter of round bars or side of square bars 6.2 Mass 1971?. - 5, 6,8, 10, 12, 16, 20,22,25, 28, 32,36,40,45 and 50 mm The mass of bars shall be in accordance with IS : 1732- 7. TOLERANCES 7.1 The rolling 1852-1973$. 8. PHYSICAL and cutting tolerances shall be in accordance with IS : REQmMENTS 8.1 The ultimate tensile stress, yield stress and percentage when determined in accordance elongation with 9.2 shall be as given in Table 1. 8.2 The bars shall also withstand the bend test specified in 9.3. 9. TESTS 9.1 Selection wise specified apply. and Preparation in this standard, of Test Samples the requirements 9.1.1 All test pieces of bars shail be selected authorized representative, either: - Unless otherof IS : 226-15753 shall by the purchaser or his a) from the cutting of bars; or *Specification for structural steel ( high tewile ) ( zecondwrkion ). tDimensions for round and square steel bars for structural and general engineering purpose3 ( i;.rr fcciJion ) . $Specii%atio~n for rolling and cutting tolerances for hot-rolled steel products ( secomi fmiJim ). #pecification for structural steel ( standard quality ) (jj?h rmi.rion ). 6 IS : 432 ( Part I ) - 1982 TABLE I MECHANICAL PROPERTIES OF BARS ( ClaUJI 8.1 ) SL TYPE AND NOYR(AL OF BAR No. SIZE ULT~ATE Min I. Mild YIELD STRESS TENSILE STREBB, ELONaATION* PERCENT, Min Min SteelGmdr I For bars up to and including 20 mm 250 23 For bars over 20 mm, up to and including 50 mm 410 240 23 370 225 23 370 215 23 540 350 20 For bars over 16 mm, up to and including 32 mm 540 340 20 For bars over 32 mm, up to and Including 50 mm 2. 410 510 330 20 Mild Steel G...
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