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Unformatted text preview: pe that it will facilitate delining the essential features of both particle shape and surface characteristics. G3.3 Surface characte; istics have been classified under five headings or to be a precise The grouping is broad; it does not purport ~~~~aphical classification but is based upon a visual examination of With certain materials, however, it may be necessary hand specimens. to use a combined description with more than one group number for an adequate description of the surface texture, for example, crushed gravel, 1 and 2; oolites 3 and 5. TABLE 6 PARTICLE SHAPE ( aiuse c-3.2 ) CLASSlrrCATION h&WNXPTXON ILLUSTRATIONS OI CanarcTslUsTIC EXAWL~C SPECCIYENS (2) (3) (4) Rounded Fully water worn or completely shaped by attrition Fig. 1 Rdiver_or seashore graW?b; seashore and windblown sands Irregular or partly rounded Naturally irr+dar, or partly shaped by attrition, and having rounded edges Fig. 2 Pit sands and gravels; land or dug flints; cuboid rock Angular Possessing well-defined edges formed at the inter-section of roughly planar faces Fig. 3 Crushed rocks of types; talus; scrca Flaky Material, usually angular, of which the thickness is small relative to the width and/or length Fig. 4 Laminated (1) rocks all IS : 383 - 1970 TABLE 7 SURFACE CHARACTERISTICS OF AGGREGATES ( Clause C-3.2 ) GROUP EXAMPLE SORFACE TEXTWE I Glassy Black flint 2 Smooth Chert, slate, marble, some rhyolita 3 Granular Sandstone, 4 Crystalline oolites Pine: Basalt, trachyte, keratophyre Medium: Dolerite, granophyre, granulite, nire, some limestones, many dolomim Coarse: Gabbro, 5 Honey combed porous and 1 FIG. FIG. 2 Scnriae, pumice, PARTICLE PARTICLE SHAPE: gneiss, granite, granodiorite, trass ROUNDED SHAPE: IRREGULAR 17 micrograJyenite As:383- 1970 FIG. 3 FIG. 4 PARTICLES HAPE: ANGULAR S PARTICLE SHAPE: FLAKY 18 IS:383-1970 (Continued j+om pop 2 ) Mcm hers Reprcsentin,~ SRRI V. K. GHENEEAR Structural Engineering Roorkee Research Centre (CSIR ), SRR~ A. S. PRASRD~ RAO ( Altcmatc) SHRI K. c. GROSAL Sahu Cement Service, New Delhi SHRI V. N. GUNAJI Public Works Maharashtra SRRI P. J. JAGUS The Associated Cement Co Ltd, Bombay SHRI S. R. KULKARNI M. N. Dastur & Co ( P) Ltd, Calcutta Department, Government of SHRI B. C. PATEL ( Al&mate ) National Buildings Organization, SHRI G. C. MATHUR New Delhi SHRI P. C. JAIN ( Alfcmate ) Tor-Isteg Steel Corporation, DR P. K. MOHANTY Calcutta DR R. S. PRASAD ( Al&mate) SHRI K. K. NAMBIAR In personal capacity ( ‘ Ramannlaya ‘, II First &scent Park Road, Gandhinagar, Adyar, Madras 20 ) DR M. L, PURI Central Road Research Institute ( CSIR ), New Delhi SHRI N. S. RAMASWAMY Roads Wing ( Ministry of Transport & Shipping ) SHRI R. P. SIKKA ( Alternate)) Gammon India Ltd, Bombay SHRI T. N. S. RAO SHRI S. R. PINHEIRO ( Alrcma&) SUPERINTENDINQENQINEER Central Public Works Department. New Delhi SERI S. G. VAIDYA (Alternate ) SARI N. M. TEADANI In personal capacity ( 82, Marine Drive, Bomba> 2 ) COL J. M. TOLANI Eng...
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