But the concrete mix should be properly designed as

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Unformatted text preview: ading, particle shape and surface texture of both fine and coarse aggregates. NOTE 4It is recommended that fine aggregate conforming should not be used in reinforced concrete unless tests have been suitability of proposed mix proportions. TABLE 5 ALL-IN-AGGREGATE to Grading Zone made to ascertain GRADING ( ClUUSL 4.4 ) 1s SIEVE DESIGNATION 80 mm PERCENTAGE PASUING ~OORALL-IN-AQOREQATEOI -*_--a-_---_ r-----40 mm Kominal Size 20 mm Nominal Size 100 40 mm 95 to 100 20 mm 45 to 75 95 to 100 4-75 mm 25 to 45 30 to 50 COO micl o:, 8 to 30 10 to 35 150 micron 0 to 6 0 to 6 11 100 IV the IS:383-1970 6. SUPPLIER’S CERTIFICATE 6.1 The supplitr shall satisfy requirements of this standard to this effect to the purchaser. AND COST OF TESTS himself that the material complies with the and, if requested, shall supply a certificate 6.2 If the purchaser rkquircas independent tests to br made, the sample for such tests shall be taken before or irnlllctliatc~l>- after deli\.c*ry, accordin: and the tests carried out irt accordance to the option of the purchaser, with this standard and on the written irlstructions of‘ the purc~hasc~r. 6.3 The tests. 6.4 The supplier shall supply free cost of the tests carried tllcl matcbrial nut under 6.2 shall bc borne a) the supplier, if the results with this standard; and b) the purchaser, this standard. of charge show til,At tile material if the results shrst..; that & APPENDIX rc~q~~ircd fut by: docxs not comply material complies wit11 A (Clause0.8) INFORMATION A-l. DETAILS OF TO BE FURNISHED a) Source of supply, that is, precise materials were obtained; group of principal c) Physical d) Presence e) Service THE SUPPLIER INFORMATION A-l.1 When requested by the purchaser shall provide the following particulars: b) Trade BY characteristics of reactive history, or his representative, location rock type present (see Appendix minerals; the supplier of source from where the (see Appendix C); C); and if any. A-I.2 Subject to prior agreement, the supplier shall furnish such of the following additional information, when required by the purchaser: a) Specific gravity, b) Bulk density, 12 lsr3s3-1970 4 Moisture content, 4 Absorption value, A e-1 ggregate crushing f > Abrasion value, 69 Flakiness-index, h) Elongation-index, 3 k) value or aggregate Presence of deleterious Potential reactivity S m>oundness impact value, materials, of aggregate, and of aggregate, APPENDIX B ( Clause 0.9) TITLES OF REFERRED IS : 2- 1960 Rules for rounding off numerical IS : 5 15-I 959 Specification for natural for use in mass concrete IS :516-1959 Methods IS’: 2386 Methods STANDARDS and of test for strength of test for aggregates values (revised) manufactured aggregates of concrete for concrete: (Part I )-I963 Particle size and shape (Part II)-1963 Estimation of deleterious materials and organic impurities (PariIII)-1963 Specific gravity, density, voids, absorption and bulking (Part IV)-1963 Mechanical properties ( Part V )-I963 Soundness (Part VI...
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