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Unformatted text preview: minimum reinforcement (in case of reinforced pipes) and strength test requirements for different classes of pipes shall be as given in Tables 3A, 3B, 4A and 4B.’ b) Insert the following at the end of the clause : ‘For collar jointed class NP3 and NP4 pipes of nominal internal diameter 900 mm and above, the effective length may also be 1.25 m.’ (Page 21, Note under clause 7.2) – Insert the following at the end: ‘in case of pipes manufactured by spinning process.’ (Page 21, clause 8.2) — Substitute the following for the existing clause : ‘8.2 Deviation from Straight — The deviation from straight in any pipe throughout its effective length, tested by means of a rigid straight edge as described in IS 3597:1998’ shall not exceed, for all diameters, 3 mm for every metre run.’ (Page 21, clause 9.1.l,Jrst sentence) — Substitute the following for the existing sentence : ‘During manufacture, tests on compressive strength of concrete cubes shall be done as describedinIS516 :19592. For pressure pipes splitting tensile strength tests of concrete cylinders shall be carried out as described in IS 5816 :19993.’ (Page 21, footnotes under clause 9.1.1) — Substitute the following for the existing footnotes: of “Method test for concrete pipes (secorrdrevisiorr). ‘Methodof test for strength of concrete. 3Methodof test for splitting tensile strength of concrete ~rst revision).’ (Page 21, clause 9.2) — Substitute the following for the existing clause : ‘9.2 The specimens of pipes selected in accordance with 9.1 shall be subjected to the following tests in accordance with IS 3597:19981: a) Hydrostatic test, I 7 Amendment No. 3 to IS 43$:1988 b) Three-edge bearing test, and c) Permeability test.’ (Page 21, clauses 9.2.1 and9.2.2) — Substitute the following for the existing clauses : ‘9.2.1 Permeability test when CYMMAW&d in accordance with the method described in 1S 3597:19981, shall satisfy the following requirements. The tests shall be done on outside surfaoe of [email protected] at two places as shown in Fig. 5. 300+ -1 Ii +ooirma I ~~ ;[ .— . —- —-—- -—. — ._. J FIG. 5 PEIWAEABILITV TEST Initial absorption The drop of water level in the stand pipe at the end of 2 h is the initial [email protected] This shalI not exceed 1.5 cm3 and the difference in amy two readings shall not be more than 0.5 cm3. Final permeability Fill the water in the stand pipe again up to the mark and take readings at half-hour interval up to 4 h. Absorption in the fourth hour is the final permeability. The average reading of two tests conducted on a pipe shall be expressed in cm3 and this shall not exceed 0.3 cm3.’ (Page 21, footnote at the end of the page) — Substitute the following for the existing footnote: o “Methods f test for concrete pipes (second revision).’ (CED 53) Printed at Pralshat Offset 8 Press, New Delhi-2 AMENDMENT NO. 4 MARCH 2003 TO IS 458:1988 SPECIFICATION FOR PRECAST CONCRETE PIPES (WITH AND WITHOUT REINFORCEMENT) ( Third Revision) [ Page 21, clause 9.2.1 following for the existing: ( see Amendment No. 3 ) ] — Substitute ‘9.2.1 Permeability test when conducted in accordance with described in IS 3597 shall meet requirement of final permeability, not exceed 0.3 cm3. the the method which shall NOTE – It is recommended that initial absorption should not exceed 2.0 cm3 and the difference in any two readings during initial absorption should not be more than 0.8 cm3, [ Page 21, Fig. 5 ( see Amendment No. 3)] - Delete. [ Page 2 i, clause see Amendment No. 3 )] - Delete. [ Page 21, clause see Amendment No. 3 )] - Delete. [ Page 3, clause 4.7( see Amendment the existing: No. 3 )] - Substitute ‘4.7 Water — Water used for mixing of concrete conform ‘to 5.4 of IS 456 :2000.’ the following for and curing of pipes shall ( CED 53 ) Reprography Unit, BIS, New Delhi, I India...
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