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Unformatted text preview: l be as given in the relevant tables of the standard but the distribution shall be such that the round shape,of the cage is not disturbed. NOTE - Pipes of internal diameter, wall thickness and length of barrel and collar other than those specified in 7.1 may be supplied by mutual agreement between the purchaser and the supplier. In such case, the design of pipes submitted to the purchaser shall include all standard details as covered in Tables 1 to 7. 7.2 Tolerances - The folloa;ng tolerances shall be permitted: 6.3.2 Diagonal reinforcement may be provided in pipes for which the cages are not welded so as to help in binding the cage securely. It shall, however, be ensured that the clear cover for any reinforcement is not below the limits specified in 5.4. If diagonal reinforcement is nrovided. it shall be considered as part of the longitudinal reinforcement given in Tables 2 to 7. Dimensions a) Overall length Tolerances &I percent of standard length b) Internal diameter of pipes or socket: 1) I_& :m and including 6.4 Curing 6.4.1 Water Curing - Pipes manufactured in compliance with this standard shall be water cured for a period of not less than 2 weeks in case of pipes made from ordinary Portland cement or Portland slag cement or Portland pozzolana cement or hydrophobic Portland cement, and not less than 1 week in case of pipes made from rapid-hardening Portland cement or 43 grade ordinary Portland cement. Pipes may be water cured by immersing in water, covering with water-saturated material or by a system of perforated pipes, mechanical sprinklers, porous hose, or by any other approved method that will keep the pipe moist during the specified curing period. In the case of large pipe projecting partly above the water level, the projected portion shall be kept wet by any suitable means. &3 mm 2) Over 300 mm and up to and including 600 mm 3) Over 600 mm and up to and including 1 200 mm 4) Over 1 200 mm c) Wall thickness: 6.3.3 Single reinforcement cage shall be located near the inner surface of the pipe with adequate clear cover. =t5 mm f7 mm -J-IO mm I) Up to and including 30 mm *2 mm 2) Over 30 mm and up to -&3 mm and including 50 mm 3) Over 50 mm and up to and including 65 mm 4) Over 65 mm and up to and including 80 mm mm f6 mm 6) Over 95 mm 20 i5 5) Over 80 mm and up to and including 95 mm 6.4.2 Steam Curing - Steam curing of concrete pipes may be permitted provided the requirements of pressure and non-pressure steam curing are fulfilled &4 mm 57 mm IS : 458 - 1988 NOTE - rn case of pipes with flexible rubber ring joints, the tolerance on thickness near the ends will have to be reduced. Near the rubber ring joints, the tolerance on thickness shall be as given in Tables 9 to 13. 8. pressure ( see 3.1 I. For non-pressure pipes, 2 percent of the pipes shall be tested for hydrostatic test pressure. WORKMANSHIP AND FINISH 8.1 Finish - Pipes shall be straight and free from cracks except that craze cracks may be permitted. The end...
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