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Unformatted text preview: he pipes supplied satisfy the absorption test. If, however, the purchaser desires to have absorption test carried out on any sample, the same may be done on mutually agreed terms. 8.1.2 The pipes shall be- free from defects resulting from imperfect grading of the aggregate, mixing or moulding. for plain test, as described in IS : 3597- 19851; 8.1.1 The outside and inside surfaces of the pipes shall be smooth, dense and hard, and shall not be coated with cement wash or other preparation unless otherwise agreed to between the purchaser and the manufacturer or the supplier. For better bond, inner surface of the collar may be finished rough. ICode of practice (rhird revision ), 9.2 The specimens of pipes selected in accordance with 9.1 and subjected to the following tests in the given sequence shall withstand the design loads: No. OF PIPES Permissible Number of Defect ives SAMPLE SIZE FOR TESTS UNDER 9.2 (EXCLUDING ULTIMATE LOAD TEST) (3) 0 1 2 3 5 (4) 2 3 5 7 10 FOR REQUIREMENTS UNDER 7 AND 8 INTHE BLOT , . Sag;Je (1) up to 50 51 to 100 101 to 300 301 to 500 501 and above (2) e 13 20 32 50 concrete IMethods 21 of tests for concrete pipes (first revision1. IS :458-1988 These pipes shall be selected at random. In order to ensure the randomness of selection, procedures given in IS :4905-19681 may be follow~d. The lot shall tw declared as conforming to the requirements of this specification if there is no failure under 10.2.2. 10.2 Number of Tests and Criteria for Conformity 11.1 The following information marked on each pipe: 10.2.1 All the pipes selected according to 10.1.3 shall be inspected for dimensional requirements ( see 7 ), finish ( see 8.1 ) and deviation from straight ( see 8.2 ). A pipe failing to satisfy one or more of these requirements shall be considered as defective. to these requirements if the number of defective found in the sample does not exceed the number of defective given in COI3 of Table 15. be clearly a) Name of manufacturer or his registered trademark or both, b) Class and size of pipe, and c) Date of manufacture. 11.1.1 Each pipe may also be marked with the Standard Mark. NOTE — The use of the Standard. Mark is governed 10.2.2 The lot having found satisfactory shall be further subjected to the tests given under 9.2 except ultimate load test. For this purpose, the number of pipes given in CO14of Table 15 shall be selected from the lot. These pipes shall be selected from those that have satisfied the requirements given in 10.2.1. For ultimate load test, the number of pipes to be checked shall be according to mutual agreement between the purchaser and the manufacturer. However, ultimate load test shall not be done for a lot size of 20 pipes or less. of random shall The above information shall be clearly marked on outside only for pipes up to and including 350 mm internal diameter, and both outside and inside for pipes above 350 mm internal diameter. The lot shall be declared as conforming Wlethods 11....
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