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Unformatted text preview: hichever is smaller for pipes But for pipes of internal above 250 mm internal diameter. diameter 80 to 250 mm the maximum size of aggregate should be 10 mm. NOTE - It is preferable to have the size and grading of aggregates conforming to IS 383:19707. It is also preferaable that materials finer this 75 micron IS Sieve is restricted to 3.0 percent by mass.' (Page 4, clause 5.2) - Insert the following as a new para: For non-welded cages spiral reinforcement of the same diameter shall be closely spaced at the end of the :?ipe for a length of 150 mm to minimize damage during handling. The spacing of such end spirals shall not exceed 50 mm or half the pitchir Such spiral reinforcement at ends shall be, whichever is less. part of the total spiral reinforcement specified in different tables. ’ (Page 4, clause 5.2.2) - Insert ‘subject to the requirements at the end and insert a new clause as of' folows: ‘ Tolerances given in IS 432(Part 1):19822, IS 432(Part 2):19823, IS 228:19754 and IS 1788:19855 shall be applied to the minimum mass of longitudinal reinforcement specified Total mass of longitudinal reinforcement in different tables. shall be calculated taking into account the clear cover provided at each end of the pipe. NOTE - For longitudinal reinforcement conforming to IS 432 (Part 2): 19823, tolerance, on mass shall be calculated from the diameter tolerance. (Page 4, Footnote) - Insert the following new footnotes: ‘2Specification for mild steel and medium tensile steel bars and hard-drawn steel wire for concrete reinforcement Part 1 Mild steel and medium tensile steel bar's (third revision). 3Specification for mild steel and medium tensile steel bars and hard-drawn steel wire for concrete reinforcement Part 2 Hard-drawn steel wire ! third revision) 2 JSpecification (fifth for structural steel (standard quality) revision). sspecification for high strength wires for concrete reinforcement (third deformed steel bars and revfsdon).' third and fourth (Pa&Y 4, clause 5.3, second, Substitute the following for the existing sentences: sentence) - ‘Dimensions of collars shall be according to details given in Tables 1, 15 and 16. The reinforcement for the collars shall 16. The ends of collar reinforcebe as given in Table 15 and ment shall have a full ring at both ends.' (Page 7, Table 2) - 1) Delete co1 (41, (51, (6) and (10) 2) Substitute ‘0.59* for ‘0.33' in co1 (8) 3) Substitute ‘0.16' for ‘0.10' and ‘0.18' Sl No 1 and 2 respectively of co1 (9) 4) Substitute '1.2or 8+8' for co1 (7) '8+8' for ‘0.12' in in Sl No 2C and 21 of 5) Substitute ‘2.5 m' for ‘2 rn. in Note 3. 6) Insert the following new Note: ‘NOTE - Total mass of longitudinal reinforcement shall be calculated by multiplying the values given in column 8 by the length of the pipe and then deducting for the cover length provided at the two ends.' (Page' a, Table 3) - I) Substitute ‘0.59' for ‘0.33' in co1 (4) 2) Substitute ‘0.16. for '0.15'...
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