Hardor hard drawn steel drawn steel collar dimensions

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Unformatted text preview: 3 mm t 7 mm 35 mm 3.5 Clause 7.1. Last last sentence: sentence) - Substitute mm the fol- 'For collar jointed pipes effective length shall be 2 m or 2.5 m up to 250 mm nominal diameter pipes and 2.5, 3.0, 3.5 01 4.0 m for pipes above 250 mm nominal diameter.' (Page 21, for ‘Table clause 15. 10.1.3 17' (Page 22, for ‘Table Clause 15' 17' (CED and Table and 2) 12 15) - Substitute 10.2.2) - Substitute ‘Table ‘Table .. “,,/’ AMIIIWMENT IWO.3 SEPTEMBER 2001 TO IS 458:1988 SPECHUCATION FOR PRECAST CONCRETE PIPES (WITii AND WITHOUT REINFORCEMENT) (Third Revision) (Page 2, ckwse 0S.1) — Insert the following at the end : ‘n) Inclusion of details of NP3 and NP4 classes of pipes to be manufactured by casting process.’ (Page 2, chise 0.3.2) — Delete. (Puge 2, clause 0.3.3) (see also Amendment No. 1) — Delete. {Page 2, clause 3.1, infwmal table, col 2, againrt Class NP3 and NP4) — Insert also ‘and unreinforced (h case ofpipes manufactured casting process)’ at%r the word ‘reinforced’. by (Page 3, clause 4.2) — insert ‘or IS 12269:198714’ at the end. (Page 3, clause 4.4, Jirst sentence) — Substitute the following for the existing sentence : ‘Reinforcement used for the manufacture of reinforced concrete pipes shall conform to mild steel grade 1 or medium tensile steel bars of IS 432 (Part 1) : 1982s or hard-drawn steel wire of IS 432 (Part 2) : 19829 or structural steel (standard quality) bars of 1S 2062 :199210.’ (Page 3, clause 4.4, Note) — Substitute the following for the existing Note: ‘NOTE— Wire fabric conforming to IS 1566:198212 deformed bars and wires conforming to IS 1786: 19851]or plain hard-drawn steel or wire for prestressed concrete conforming to IS 1785(Part 1) : 19831s r 1S1785 (Part 2): 198316 o may also be used. For such reinforcement maximum tensile stress shall be as given in 5.1.’ (Page 3, clause 4.5, first sentence) — Delete. (Page 3, footnote 10) — Substitute the following for the existing footrtote: ““Specification for steel for general structural purposes (f&A revision).’ (Page 3, footnote 14) — Del&e footnote 14 and insert the following new footnotes : l~SPeci~cation for S3 grade ordinary Portland cement. lJSPecificationfor plain h~d~rawn steel wi~ for prestressedconcrete: Part I Cold-drawn StreSsfd ieved wire ([email protected]). ibspecifi~ation plain h~d-drawn steel wire for prestressed concrete: Part 2 [email protected] revi$kJn).’ for (Page 3, clause 4.5.1, para 1) — Insert the following at the end of the para: ‘However in case of pipes manufactured by casting process, concrete shall have minimum compressive strength as indicated in the Tables 3A, 3B, 4A and 4B for the respective classes of pipe.’ (Page 3, clause 4.6) — Insert the following new clauses after 4.6: ‘4.7 Water — Water used for mixing of concrete and curing of pipes shall conform to 4.3 of 1S456:20002. 418Chemical Admixtures — The admixtures, where used, shall conform to IS 9103 :199...
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