Placed symmetrically with respect to the thickness of

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Unformatted text preview: s of the pipes shall be square with their longitudinal axis so that when placed in a straight line in the trench, no opening between ends in contact shall exceed 3 mm in pipes up to 600 mm diameter ( inclusive ), and 6 mm in pipes larger than 600 mm diameter. a) Hydrostatic b) Three-edge bearing IS : 3597-1985l; and C) as Absorption test, as described 198S. described in in IS : 3597- 9.2.2 The absorption test when conducted in accordance with the method described in 6 of IS : 3597-1985’, shall satisfy the following requirements: a) Absorption in the first 10 minutes shall not exceed 2’5 percent of the dry mass, and 8.1.3 Pipes shall be free from local dents or bulges greater than 3’0 mm in depth and extending over a length m any direction greater than twice the thickness of barrel. b) Total absorption at the end of 24 hours shall not exceed 6’5 percent of the dry mass. 8.1.4 Pipes may be repaired, if necessary, because of accidental injury during manufacture or handling and shall be accepted if in the opinion of the purchaser, the repairs are sound and appropriately finished and cured, and the repaired pipe conforms to the requirements of this specification. 10. SAMPLING AND INSPECTION 10.1 Scale of Sampling 10.1.1 Lot - In anyI consignment, all the pipes of same class, same size and belonging to the same mix of concrete shall be grouped together to constitute a Jot. 8.2 Deviation from Straight - The deviation from straight in any pipe throughout its effective length, tested by means of a rigid straight edge parallel to the longitudinal axis of the pipe shall not exceed, for all diameters, 3 mm for every metre run. 10.1.2 For ascertaining the conformity of the to the requirements of this specification, samples shall be tested from each Jot separately. material 9. TESTS 10.1.3 The number of pipes to be selected from the Jot shall depend on the size of the Jot and shall be according to Table 15. 9.1 Test Specimens - All pipes for testing purposes shall be selected at random from the stock of the manufacturer and shall be such as would not otherwise be rejected under this standard. TABLE15 SCALE OF SAMPLING AND PERMISSIBLE NUMBER OF DEFECTIVES 9.1.1 During manufacture, tests on concrete shall be carried out as detailed in IS : 456-1978l. The manufacturer shall supply, when required to do so by the purchaser or his representative, the results of compressive tests of concrete cubes ( see 4.5.1 ) and split tensile tests of concrete cylinders ( see 4.5.2 ) made from the concrete used for the pipes. The manufacturer shall supply cylinders or cubes for test purposes required by the purchaser, and such cylinders or cubes shall withstand the tests prescribed in 4.5.1 and 4.5.2. Every pressure pipe shall be tested by the manufacturer for the hydrostatic test and reinforced test 9.2.1 The manufacturer shall regularly carry out absorption tests on specimens corresponding to the pipe manufactured and shall provide sufficient proof to the purchaser that t...
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