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Unformatted text preview: jects of the Central Government and irriAmerican gation and power development schemes sponsored by the States. and British practices are being generally followed in the execution of these works. Indian conditions .differ in many ways from those found in UK or USA. The Cement and Concrete Sectional Committee felt it desirable that a code of practice which would take into consideration the variations obtained under Indian conditions would be a useful guide td engineers This code has been and their technical assistants incharge of such works. prepared with this object in view. valuable assistance has bee!\ 0.3 In the preparation of this standard, derived from the published materials of the Bureau of Reclamation, Tenand nessee Valley Authority and the American Society for Testing Materials. This assistance is appreciatively acknowledged. 0.4 This standard forms one of a series of Indian Standards on concrete Other standards in the series are: and reinforced concrete. *IS: SPECIFICATION POK OKDIN.WY, RAPID-HAKDENING END POKTL.\NU CEMEXT FOH CWKSE AND FINE ACCI~ECATES 383-lY52 SPECIFICATION FItohf NATURAL SN_JKCES FoK CONCKETE 269-1951 Low 71s: HUT $ IS: 432-1953 SPECIFIC~ATION FOK MILD STEEL AND HIGIC TENSILE STEEL BAKS AND HAKD-DK;\WN STEEL \VIRE FOR CONCKETE REINFOKCEMENT *IS: 455-1953 SPECIFICATION FOR PORTLAND BLAST FUKI.J.~~E SLAG CEMENT ( Terztativc ) Coce OF PRACTICE FOR PLAIN AND R~~~t;oI~cet) CRETE For< GENEHAL BUILDING CONSTRUCTION ( Raid ) 51s: 456-1957 -- -. *Third revision in 1976. Second revision in 1970. &GXOfld revision in 19&j. 4Secoild revision in 1964. Co,v- IS : 457 - 1957 *IS: 515- 1959 SPECIFICATION FOR NATURAL AND MANUFACTURED AGGREGATES FOR USE IN MASSCONCRETE IS: 516-1959METHoDs OF TEST FOR STRENGTH OF CONCHISTE 0.5 This Indian Standard Code requires reference to Indian Standard Specifications and Codes quoted under 0.4 and also to the following: 71s: 226-1955 SPECIFICATION FOR STRUCTURAL STEEL ( Revised ) SlS: 460-1953 SPECIFICATION FOR TEST SIEVES 0.5.1 Wherever a reference to any-Indian Standard mentioned under it shall be 0.5, except ~1s: 460-1953, appears in this code of practice, taken as a reference to the latest version of the standard. 0.6 In pursuance of the decision of the Government of IJldia to introduce uniform system of weights and measures throughout the country based on the metric system, as a first step, wherever possible, metric equivalents have been given. As the industry gets accustomed to the use of the metric units, it is intended to drop the foot-pound units altogether from the standard. 0.7 For the purpose of deciding whether a particular requirement of this Standard is complied with, the final value, observed or calculated, expressing the result of a test or analysis, shall be rounded off in accordance with z IS: 2-1949 Rules for liounrlin~ OH Numerical Values; the nuJnber of places rdained in the rounded off value should be the same ds t!Jose of the spccikcl value in the standard. 0.8 lhis code is in...
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