For which finishes f3 and f4 arc not specified

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Unformatted text preview: egularities and 1 cm ( or 4 in ) for graclual irregularities. Finish F3 -Immediately after removal of forms from surfaces designated for F3 finishes, all required patching, clean up and correction of major imperfections shall bc completed and the surfaces shall be given a sack-rubbed mortar finish in the following manner: The surfaces shall be thoroughly wetted and permitted to approach surface dryness before starting the sack rubbing. The surfaces shall be finished in areas sufficiently small to prevent complete drying of any part before the sack rubbing is completed for that area: The mortar usecl for the sack rubbing shall consist of one pa@ of cement to two parts, by volume, of sand passing through IS Sieve 100, and enough water so that the consistency 27 IS . rw - 1957 of the mortar is that of thick cream. The mortar shall be rubbed thoroughly over the area with clean burlap or a spon_ge rubbed float, completely filling all pits and irregularities. Wllile the mix in the 1~01~sis still plastic, a mixture Of the dry ingr~die~~ts of tilt: ortar m in the same proportions shaJ1 he rubbed Over the area. After the mortar ha5 stiffened adequately to prevent smearing, but bcforc it llas hartlcned, the exctkss mortar shall he rrrr,Ovcd by rubbing with clean burlap. After the final sack rubbing, a ligiir fog spraying shall hc applied to the contctl surface, the moisture th,us applictl being just sufficient to damp the surface without allowing water to run down the face cl tllc bvalls. All sack-rubbed arcas shall be kept continuously damp for at least 72 hours after the final sack rubbing, or until completion of the curing period for the concrctc. When measured as describcd under 4.16.1, abrupt irrcgularitics shall not exceed 0.5 cm ( or ‘4 in ) for irrcgularitics parallel to thr direction of flow, and 0.25 cm ( or 4 in ) far irregularities in other direction. Gradual irrcgularitics shall not cxccctl 0.5 cm ( or i in ). Irregularities rxcceding these limitc< shall hc rcducctl by grinding on a bevc~l of 1 to 20 ratio of hcigll t to lcq$h. d) Fiaisll FS - Finish F4 shall apply to formed surfaces where allsorptivc form lining is used. Surfaces provided by absorptive form lining shall not I>(, ruhbcd or trcatcd in any way except for cleaning by wire IKllshing ant1 grinding off thin fins or small projections. 4.16.3 lJ~$~nzcrl Sur~~tces -The C~CLWSof finish! for unformed consurfaces arc tlcsign;~trtl by the symbols Ul, U2 and U3. Interior Sursnrfaccs shall IX, Jop~d for drainage where shown On the drawings. faces \vhiclI \voultl IIC exposed to the weather and, which would normally Unless the use of otllcr slopes or be levcbl, sil;dl IX sloped for drainage. level surfaces is spccitied, narrow surfaces, such as tops of walls and curbs, shall bc sloped approxim;ltely 3 cm per metrc ( or $ in per ft ) of width border surfaccbs, such as walks, roadways, platforms, and tlecks shall be sloped approximately 1.5 cm p&r metre ( Or ) in per ft ). The classes...
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