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Methodg of making znd storing compression test

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Unformatted text preview: ssion tests, the regular size of cylinder and cubes and the manner of moulding, capping and testing the specimens shall be in accordance with Appendices B and E of *IS: 456-1957 except that an approved method of vibration may be used for compacting the concrete. 7.5.2 Wherever required, representative 15 cm ( or 6 in ) cores shall be drilled from the completed structure and shall be prepared, capped and tested in accordance with Appendix B. The ultimate compressive strength and soundness of such specimens shall be compared with the results of similar fests on standard test cylinders taken from the same run. 7.6 Flexure Tests - For flexure tests, the size and shape of specimens and the manner of moulding and testing shall be in accordance with Appendix C. 7.7 Failure to Meet Requirements - Should the test specimens fail to show the desired uniform quality and characteristics, the directions given by the engineer-in-charge to improve such concrete, shall be strictly followed. APPENDIX (Clause DETERMINATION VEE-BEE A-l. A 4.5 ) OF CONSISTENCY CONSISTOMETER OF CONCRETE METHOD BY SCOPE A-l.1 This appendix crete using a V<+Bec for transforming, by conical frustum into a A-2. deals with the determination of consistency of conConsistometrr, which determines the time required a concrete specimen in the shape cf a vibration, cylinder. APPARATUS A-2.1 The Vee-Bee Consistometer a) A vibrator table resting b) ;1 metal pot; ( see Fig. 1 ) consists upon elastic 34 support; of: IS : 457 - 1957 c) A sheet metal cone, open at both ends; and d) A standard iron rod. A-2.2 The vibrator table ( G ) is 380 mm long and 260 mm wide and is supported on rubber shock absorbers at a height of about 305 mm above floor level. Thz table is mounted on a base ( K ) which rests on three rubber feet, and is equipped with an electricallv operated vibrometer mounted under it operating on either 65 volts ox 220 volts, three phase, 50 cycles alternating current. A sheet mmtal cone ( B ) open at both ends is p!aced in the metal pot ( A ) and the metal pot is fixed on to the vibrator table by means of two wing-nuts (H ). The sheet metal cone is 30 cm high and its bottom diameter is 20 cm and top diameter 10 cm. A swivel arm holder ( M ) is fixed to the base and into this is telescoped another swivel arm ( N ) with funnel ( D ) and guide-sleeve ( E ). The swivel arm can be readily detached from the vibrating table. The graduated rod ( J ) is fixed on to the swivel arm and at the end of the graduated arm a R Frc.1 VEX-l3m CONSISTOMETER. 3s TYPE VHR IS:457-1957 glass isc ( C ) is screwed. d The graduation of the scale on the rod records the slumps of the concrete cone in ccntimetres and the v&me of concrete after vibration of the cone in the pot. The standard iron rod is 20 mm in diameter and 500 mm in length. The electrical equipment mounted on the base of the consistometer cox,ists of a fixed plug and connector for IS : 457 - 1957 the electric supply cable, plug and socket contacts for...
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