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Unformatted text preview: reof the same mounting height, same dimensions and belonging to the same batch of manufacture shall be grouped together to constitute a lot. 9.1.2 For ascertaining the conformity of the materials in the lot to the requirements of this specification, samples shall be tested from each lot separately. 7.8 Earthing 7.8.1 Earthing shall be provided by one of the following means: 9.1.3 The number of poles to be selected from the lot shall depend on the size of the lot and shall be according to Table 2. a) By having a length of 25 mm x 3 mm copper strip or equivalent bare copper cable or 4 mm 3 IS 785 : 1998 TOP HOLE FOR EARTHING OR END OF EARTHING ENLARGED OF TOP DETAIL PORTION KICKING BLOCK: ENLARGED SECTION XX NOTES 1 All holes except where otherwise 2 This figure gives information specified shall be of 20 mm dia. on holes and marking All dimensions only and should not be used as a basis for design in millimetres. FIG. 1 TYPICAL DETAILS POLE DIRECIYONLINE OF IN OF 9.2 Number of Tests and Criteria for Conformity 9.2.1 All the poles selected according to 9.1.3 shall be tested for overall length, cross-section and uprightness (see 4.2). A pole failing to satisfjr one or more of these requirements shall be considered defective. All the poles in the lot shall be considered as conforming to these requirements if the number of defective poles found in the sample is less than or equal to the corresponding acceptance number given in co1 3 of Table 2. 9.2.2 The lot having been found satisfactory according to 9.2.1 shall be further tested for transverse strength (see 8.1) of the poles. For this purpose, the number of poles given in co1 4 of Table 2 shall be tested, these poles may be se\ecterI from those already tested. Table 2 Scale of Sampling and Permissible Number of Defectives (Clauses9.1.3,9.2.1und9.2.2) No. of Poles in the Lot Sample Size (1) (2) Dimensional Requirements Acceptance Number Transverse Strength Test (4) (3) up to 100 10 1 2 101 ” 200 15 1 3 201 ” 300 20 2 4 301 U 500 30 3 NOTE -- The number of poles 5 to be tested shall be subject to agreement between the purchaser and the supplier. IS 785 : 1998 according to 9.2.1 and found satisfactory. All these poles tested for transverse strength shall satisfy the corresponding specification requirements. If one or more poles fail, twice the number of poles orginally tested shall be selected from those already selected and subjected to this test. If there is no failure among poles, the lot shall be considered to have satisfied the requirements of this test. 10 MARKING 10.1 The poles shall be clearly and indelibly marked with the following particulars either curing or after the manufacture, but before testing, at a position so as to be clearly read after erection in position: a) Indication of the source of manufacture, W Month and year of manufacture, c) Serial number of the poles, and 4 Position of centre of gravity of the poles with the words ‘C.G’. 10.2 BIS Certification Marking The poles may also be mark...
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