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Serial number of the poles and 4 position of centre

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Unformatted text preview: ed with the Standard Mark. 10.2.1 The use of the Standard Mark is governed by the provisions of the Bureau of Indian Standards Act, 1986 and the Rules and Regulations made thereunder. The details of conditions under which the licence for the use of Standard Mark may be granted to manufacturers or producers may be obtained from the Bureau of Indian Standards. ANNEX A ( Clause 2 > LIST OF REFERRED INDIAN STANDARDS IS No. IS No. lWe 269 : 1989 Specification for 33 grade ordinary Portland cement (fourth revision) 383 : 1970 Specification for coarse and fine aggregates from natural sources for concrete (second revision) 432 Specification for mild steel and medium tensile steel bars and harddrawn steel wire for concrete reinforcement (Part 1) : 1982 (Part2) : 1982 Mild steel and medium tensile steel bars (third revision) Hard drawn steel wire (Part 1): 1991 Flyash based (third revision) (Part 2) : 1991 Calcined clay based (third revision) 1786 : 1985 Specification for high strength def~steelbarswimsforconcmte reinforcement (third revision) 2905 : 1989 Method of test for concrete poles power and overhead for telecommunication lines (first revision) 7321: 1974 Code of practice for selection, handling and erection of concrete poles for overhead power and telecommunication lines 7861 (Part 1) : 1975 Code ofpractice for extreme weather concreting : Part 1 Recommended practice for hot weather concreting 8041: 1990 Specification for rapid hardening Portland cement (j?rst revision) 8112 : 1989 Specification for 43 grade ordinary Portland cement yirst revision) 9103 : 1979 Specification concrete 12269 : 1987 Specification for 53 grade ordinary Portland cement (third revision) 455 : 1989 Specification cement (fbrth for Portland slag revision) 456 : 1978 Code of practice for plain and reinforced concrete (third revision) 516 : 1959 Method concrete 875 (Part 3) : 1987 Code of practice for design loads (other than earthquake) for buildings and structures : Part 3 Wind loads of test for strength of (second revision) 1489 Speciflcation for Portland pozzolana cement: iWe for admixture for IS 785 : 1998 ANNEX B COlVMWIEE COMPOSITION Cement Matrix Products Sectional Committee, CED 53 Representing Chairman Gammon India Ltd. Mumbai SHRI S. A. REDOI Members Municipal Corporation of Delhi, Delhi SHRI 0. P. AGARWAL L. DHINGRA ( Alternate SHRI M. A. Area SHRI J. ) Rural Electrification Corporation Ltd, New Delhi ) SHRI F? D. GAIKAWAD(Alternate B. G. Shirke Construction Technology Pvt Ltd, Pune SHRI G. R. BHARRKAR COL (RETD) D. V. PADSAL,GIKAR Alternate ( ) Hindustan Prefab Ltd, New Delhi SHRI A. K. CHADHA SHRI J. R. SIL (Alternate ) Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai. Mumbai CHIEP ENGINEER DEPUTY HIEP ENGINFZR(Alternate C ) Hyderabad Industries Ltd, Sanatnagar SHRI K. H. GANGWAL SHRIV. PATTABHI ( Alternate ) Tamil Nadu Water Supply and Drainage Board, Chennai Research, Designs and Standards Organization, Lucknow SHRI S. HARIRAMASAMY JOINTDIRECTORSTANDARDS (B&S) CB-II ASS...
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