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Unformatted text preview: g the most recent editions of the standards listed in Annex A. 4.1 The minimum overall length of poles shall be 6 m and the maximum overall length shall not exceed 9 m. Further, the lengths shall be in steps of 0.5 m. 4.2 Tolerances The tolerances for reinforced concrete poles shall be as under: 3TllBMlNoL4JGY a) Overall length of poles 3.0 For the purpose of this standard, the following definitions shall apply. b) Cross-sectional dimension c) Uprightness or straightness il5mm +5mm -3mm 0.5 percent 3.1 Ultimate Failure 5 MATERIALS The conditions existing when the pole ceases’to sustain a load increment owing to either crushing of concrete, snapping or permanent stretching of the reinforcing steel in any part of the pole. 5.1 Cement The cement used in the manufacture of reinforced concrete poles shall be any of the following: .3.2 Load Factor a) 33 grade ordinary Portland cement conforming The ratio of ultimate transverse load to the transverse load at first crack. For design the transverse load at first crack shaIl be taken as not less than the value of the working load. to IS 269, W 43gradeordinaryPortlandcement~ormning to IS 8112, 3.3 Transverse cl 53 grade ordinary Portland cement conforming to IS 12269, The direction of the line bisecting the angle contained by the conductor at the pole. In the case of straight runthiswillbenormaltotherunofthepole. 4 Portland slag cement conforming to IS 455, e) Portlandpozzolanacement:Part1Plyashbased 3.4 UIthnate Transverse Load conforming to IS 1489 (Part l), The load at which failure occurs, when it is applied at a point 600 mmbelow the top and perpendicular to the axis of the pole along the transverse direction with the butt end of the pole planted to the required depth as intended in the design. 4 Portland pozzolana cement : Part 2 Calcined claybased conforming to IS 1489 (Part 2) and s) Rapid hardening Portland cement conforming to IS 8041. 1 IS 785 : 1998 5.2 Aggregates Table 1 Minimum Depth of Planting of Reinforced Concrete Poles in the Ground (Clause 6.3 ) Aggregates used for the manufacture of reinforced concretepolesshallconformtoIS383.Wherespecilied, a sample of the aggregate shall be submitted by the manufacturer to the purchaser for approval. Length of Pole c:j Reinforcing bars and wires used for the manufactnre of reinforced concrete poles shall conform to the following: & 6.0 to 7.0 7.5 to 9.0 5.3 Reinforcement 1.20 1.50 6.4 Transverse a) Mild steel and medium tensile steel bars and hard-drawn steel wires conforming to IS 432 (Part 1) and IS 432 (Part 2), and b) High strength deformed conforming to IS 1786. Minimum Depth of Planting in Ground Strength at Failure The poles shall be so designed that its strength in transverse direction shall be sufficient to take the load due to wind on wires and poles, multiplied by load factor. Where specifically- stated, snow load shall also be taken into consideration. The design shall also ensnre that, at design working load, the stresses and strains are such...
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