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Unformatted text preview: ll try to achieve above dimensions within a period of five years. 12 . B External Dia of Spigot 290 334 386 438 500 544 594 704 804 915 1036 1141 1246 1337 1472 1571 1678 1790 1900 2008 2126 2236 2346 2431.5 2564.5 2674.5 2784.5 IS 784:2001 ANNEX C (Clause 7.1) INFORMATION TO BE SUPPLIED BY PURCHASER WITH AN ENQUIRY PRESTRESSED CONCRETE PIPES 1) The maximum and minimum depths of cover over the crown of the pipe. C-1 The following information shall be supplied: a) The type of cement to be used in the core and the cover coat (4.1); 2) b) Whether or not a bituminous or other approved internally and coating is required externally (4.8); c) The maximum working pressure (3.4); 3) d) 1he maximum sne test pressure 15.3J; e) Factory test pressure (3.6); f-) Pressure in addition to (c) to which the pipeline will be subjected due to surge (water hammer) (3.7), if any; and g) OR ORDER FOR 4) 5) 6) 7) Following pipe installation details: The width of the trench at the crown of the pipe (normally outside diameter of pipe + 600 mm). If the pipes are to be laid above ground in case of partial trench, full details including L-section should be supplied. Whether more than one pipeline is to be laid in the trench and if so, what will be the trench width at the crown of the pipe. Details of the backfill material, that is, sand, gravel, etc. Density of filling material. Type of bedding intended. Anticipated superimposed loading on ground surface. ANNEX D (Chse TYPICAL 7.4.2) CALCULATION FOR THE DESIGN OF LONGITUDINAL PIPE DIAMETER 600 mm AND BELOW D-2 DATA Diameter of pipe, D Effective length of pipe Core thickness, tc Coat thickness, $ D-3 CALCULATION OF LONGITUDINAL DIRECTION = 500 mm = 5000 mm =35mm =22mm D-3.1 Centreline Wires STRESS IN Spacing Between Longitudinal Centreline spacing between longitudinal wires shall not exceed twice the core thickness or 150 mm whichever is greater (see 8.3), that is Minimum compressive strength of core concrete (spun) at various stages a) Characteristic compressive design strength, & b) At winding (see 8.4.1),42 c) At detensioning longitudinal (see 8.3.2), Diameter of longitudinal wire Ultimate tensile strength of wire (see 4.5.1) = 10.6575 N/mm2 (Assumed) Initial compressive stress induced in core, fCi D-1 Explanation of various symbols used in subsequent clauses is given in Annex K. FOR = 40 N/mm* 2x 35 or 150 mm, that is, 150 mm. Number of longitudinal considered in design =25 N/mm2 = 15 N/mm2 ~P1 = 4 mm = 1715 N/mm* = 16 = 3.1416 x (D + TC)/N Centreline spacing between longitudinal wires =3.141 6 x (500+35)/16, = 105.04 mm <150 mm Hence, number of longitudinal considered in design is correct. 13 IS 784:2001 D-3.2 Intial Longitudinal Precompression Precompression at winding, fCIW in Core Initial stress in longitudinal wire (see 8.4.2), ~il 1715 x 0.75 = 1286.25 N/mm* Area of core concrete, AC 3.14~ 6 x 535 x 35 = 58826.46 mm2 Longitudinal precompression . Longitudinal force . AC N x ‘dl x AC = 16x 12.57 x 1094.88 58826.46 & = 3...
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