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Of longitudinal out side diameter of core mm out side

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Unformatted text preview: l public WorksDepartment,New Delhi SHRIK. P. ABRAHAM (Alfemate) SHRIS. M. MUNJAL New Directorate General ofSupplies&Disposals, Delhi SHRIR. K. AGARWAL (Alternate) SHRJ M.AHENDRA PRASAD Engineer-in-Chief%Bmnch, Army Headquarters,New Delhi SHRJ K. AGGARWAL A. (Alternate) SHRI SRJVASTAVA K. SHRIS. P. RASTOGI SHRI K. CHADHA A. Etemit Everest Ltd, New Delhi Fe&ration of UP Pipe Manufacturers, Lucknow Hindustan PrefabLtd, New Delhi SHRIJ. R.SIL (Alternate) SHRIV. SIJRLSH Housing and Urban Development Corporation,New Delhi SHRIS. K. TANEJA (Alternate) SHRIK. H. GANGWAL HydcrabadIndustriesLtd, Hyderabad SHRJ PATTABHJ V. (Al[emate) SHRJ P AGARWAL O. Municipal Corporationof Delhi, Delhi SHRIJ. L. DHINGRA (Alternate) CHIEF EN~JN~ER (CIXSNT CONCRETEOAD) R Municipal Corporationof Greater Mumbai, Mumbai DY CHIEF ENGJNEER (PURCHASE) (Akemafe) DR C. RAJKOMAR National Council for Cement and Building Materials, Ballabgarb SHRJ K. JULKA H. (Alternate) SHRID. K. KANUNGO National Test House, Calcutta SHRJ CHOUDHURY T. (Memare) JOINT DIRECTORTANDARDS S (B8LS) Research,Designs& Standards Organization (Ministry of Railways),Lucknow ASIT DESIGN 13NGNER (Alternate) SHRJM. A. AZEE7. Rural ElectrificationCorporationLtd, New Delhi SHRIP. D. GAIKWAO (Alternate) (Continued on page 27) 26 1S 784:2001 (Cominuedfrom page 26) Representing Members Structural EngineeringResearchCentre, Chennai SHRJN. P, RAJAMM’E DR M. NEJXAMSGAM (Alternate) Small Scale IndustriesServices Insitute, Ministry of Industry, SHRJC. H. SUBRAMATWkN New Delhi SHRIA. D[JTTA(Alternate) Spun PipeaManufacturer’sAssociation ofMabamshtra, Pune SHRJC. Y. GAVHANE SHRID. N. JOSHI (A//emare) Tamil Nadu Water Supply and Drainage Board,Chennai The AssociatedCement Companies Ltd, Time SHRIs, HARIRAMAs’WY SHRJ B.V. B. PAI SHRJM. S. DAiYDWATE (Alternate) The Indian Hume Pipe Co Ltd, Mumbai SHIUP. D. =LKAR SHRIP. R. C. NAIR Director General, BIS ([email protected] Member) SHRJS. S. SETHI, Director (Civ Engg) Member-Secretaty %3 %NJAY PANT Deputy Director(Civ Engg), BIS Concrete Pipes Subcommittee, CED 53:2 Convener In Personal Capacity SHRJN. G. JOSHI (AISAdinath, AntopHill,A4urnbai 40003Q Members SUPTD E~GINESR(PLAiWEN~ [email protected] ,WND Central Public Worka Department,New Delhi EXECUTIVE ENGINEER (PLANTW$G) (Ahernde) MA~ACiIXG DIRKTDR(SPuNPIPE INDJA LTD) Concrete ipeManufacture~ P Association, Delhi New SHRJ S. MANIK(Alternate) H. Delhi ater Supply and Sewage Dkpoaal Undertaking, New Delhi W SHR1L. N. KAPOOR SURJ . B. MOHAR(,41femate) R Dkectorate Generalof Supplies and Disposal,New Delhi SHRIS. N. BASU SHFU N. UBDVEJA T. (Ahemate) MOHAN SHRJSOTUNDER SHRIK. G. DUA (Alternate) Engineer-in-chiefs Branch, Army Headquarters New Delhi SHRIU.C.JAm (Ahemate) SHRI . K. SHARMA P SHRIB.K. AGARWAL Engineers IndiaLtd, New Delhi Fededon ofUP Pipe Manufacturers,Lucknow SHRIS. P. RASTDGI Alternate) ( Haryana Cement ConcretePipes&Poles ManufacturersAssociation,New Delhi SHJUP.S. GUPTA SHRJWDUR BHASRAR(Alternate) HlndustanPrefab Ltd, New Delhi ROY...
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