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Unformatted text preview: Alcohol potash extract Filler Accelerators 4.3 Water Water used for concrete, cement mortar and for curing the pipes shall be free from injurious amounts of oil, acid, strong alkaline scales and vegetable matter and shall be able to make concrete of satisfactory strength requirements. 4.4 Admixtures Admixtures may be used with the approval of the purchaser. However, use of any admixture containing chlorides in any form shall be prohibited. The admixtures shall conform to IS 9103. 75.0 percent by mass, A4in 6.0 percent 3.0 percent 8.0 percent 0.6 percent by mass, Max by mass, Max by mass, Max by mass, Max 1.5 percent by mass, Ma Carbon black only As required The compounding ingredients listed below shall be added to the composition in the proportions (given based on 100 parts by mass of raw rubber): 4.5 Steel for Reinforcement Waxes (melting point 57° C Min) Napthenic process oil Anti-oxidant 4.5.1 Prestressing Steel Prestressing steel wire shall conform to IS 1785 (Part 1) or IS 1785 (Part 2) or IS 6003 or IS 6006. For longitudinal prestressing, wire having tensile strength, less upto 15 percent of ultimate tensile strength, may be used, if required. This is to avoid excessive wear of rollers for threading, or cracking of wire during button heading for end anchors. 0.5 parts 1.5 parts 2.5 parts 1.5 parts by by by by mass, mass, mass, mass, Min Max Max Min 4.8 Bitumen or Other Protective Coating The purchaser may specify the application of an external or internal bituminous epoxy or other approved coating to be applied. When the pipes are to be used for carrying potable water, the inside coating shall not contain any constituents soluble in such water or any ingredient which could impart any taste or odour to the potable water. 4.5.2 Unpensioned Reinforcement Unpensioned reinforcement may consist of mild steel conforming to IS 432 (Part 1) or IS 432 (Part 2) or high strength deformed bars conforming to IS 1786 or plain hard drawn steel wire conforming to IS 1785 (Part 1) and IS 1785(Part 2) or welded wire fabric conforming to IS 1566. 5 DIMENSIONS AND TOLERANCES 5.1 Nominal internal diameter of the pipes and minimum core thickness shall be as given in Table 1 4.6 Steel for Cylinders and Specials 5.2 Length Steel plates for cylinders and specials shall conform to IS 2062. Effective length of pipes shall be 2 m to 6 m. However, the preferred effective lengths should be 2,2.5, 4, 5 and 6 m. For pipes upto and including 300 mm diameter, the effective length shall not be more than 3 m. 4.7 Rubber Sealing Rings 4.7.1 Rubber sealing rings shall comply with IS 5382. The manufacturer of pipe shall examine each sealing ring visually for defects, particularly at the joints. 5.3 Tolerance 4.7.2 Every sealing ring shall be clearly marked. The marking shall indicate the chord diameter, internal diameter of the ring and name of the manufacturer of rubber sealing rings. 5.3.1 Length Tolerance on length shall be *1 percent of the specified length. 4.7.3 In case of spl...
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