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The area of spiral a considered is correct zxbxd2 6

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Unformatted text preview: -5 For design of longitudinal prestressing, the procedure as given in D-1 is to be adopted. ANNEX K (Clauses D-1, F-1, G-1 H-1 and J-1) SYMBOLS USED IN THE DESIGN Characteristic compressive strength of concrete, Nhnm2 Compressive strength of concrete at detensioning of Iongitudinals, N/mm2 Compressive strength of concrete at winding, N/mm* Final stress in circumferential wire after losses, N/mm2 Stress in circumferential wire at factory test, N/mm2 Initial stress in circumferential wire during winding, N/mm2 Initial stress in longitudinal wire at longitudinal prestressing, N/mm2 Final stress in longitudinal wire after losses, N/mm2 Stress in longitudinal wire at winding, N/mm2 Stress in core pipe at site test due to internal pressure, N/mm2 Stress in core pipe in operating condition due to internal pressure, N/mm2 A= AC A~l A, B, c, D= d, d, EC E, Crossectional area of pipe, mmz = Crossectional area of core, mm2 = Crossectional area of longitudinal wire, mm2 = Area of circumferential wire, mm2/mm = Trench width, m = Coefficient from Fig. 4 of IS 783 Internal diameter of pipe, mm = Diameter of longitudinal wire, mm = Diameter of circumferential wire, mm = Modulus of elasticity of concrete, N/mm2 = Modulus of elasticity of wire, N/mm2 & = Compressive stress in core concrete at factory test, N/mm2 Initial compressive stress induced in core, ~, = N/mm2 ~,1 = Initial precompression in core, N/mm2 .fc, = Final precompression in core, N/mm2 .ljw = Precompression at winding, N/mm2 ~t -= Compressive stress in core concrete at site test, N/mm2 I 25 I -l-..—...._ . IS 784:2001 H= K~ = KC = KC = KW = . L n– — N= ODC= ODP = P= P, = P,, = Pt = P,, r T~ TC Wb Wc we w, w, Ww z’ = . z, Z2 Height of earth fill, m Density of coat concrete, N/mm3 Density of core concrete, N/mm3 Density of filling material, N/mm3 Density of water, N/mm3 Effective length of pipe, m Modular ratio Number of longitudinal Out side diameter of core, mm Out side diameter of pipe, mm Axle load = 61300 N (AA Class) Site test pressure, N/mm2 Maximum static pressure, N/mm2 Factory test pressure, N/mm2 = = = = = = = = = = Working pressure, N/mm2 Mean radius of pipe wall, mm Coat thickness, mm Core thickness, mm Self weight of coat, N/m Self weight of core, N/m Weight of earth fill, N/mm2 Live load, N/m Self weight of pipe (Core+ Coat), N/m Weight of water, N/m Modulus of section for circumferential stress, mm3/m Modulus of circular section of pipe, mm3/m Modulus of circular section of core, mm3/m ANNEX L (Foreword) COMMITTEE COMPOSITION Cement Matrix Products Sectional Committee, CED 53 Chairman SHIU A. REDDI S, Representing Gammon lndia Ltd, Mumbai Members SHIU S. KALANI P. All India Small Scale AC Pressure Pipe Manufacturer Association, Secunderabad SHRIM. KISHAN RE~DY(Mlemafe) SHRIG. R. BHARTIKAR B. G. ShirkeConstruction Technology Ltd, Pune COLD. V. PADSALGIKAR (Alternate) DR B. K. RAo Central Building ResearchInstitute, Roorkee DR S. K. AGARWAL (Alternate) SHRI SUBiWWNIAN P. Centra...
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