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42 a and extra width of rebated reveals if any shall

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Unformatted text preview: chimney breasts, chimney stacks, with smoke or air flue(s) not exceeding 0’20 m* each in sectional area shall be measured as solid, and no extra measurement shall be taken for pargetting and coring such flue(s). Where flue(s) exceed 0.20 rnZ in sectional area, deduction shall be made for the same and pargetting and coring flue(s) shall be measured in running metres Aperture for fireplace. shall not be deducted stating size(s) of flue(s). and no extra labour shall be measured for splaying of jambs and throating. 4.4 Pillars/Columns - Pillars/columns shall be fully described and These shall be measured in the following measured in cubic metres. categories: a) Rectangular or polygonal on plan; b) Curved on plan to any radius; and c) Any other type. Rectangular pill&r/column shall mean a detached masonry portion such that its breadth does not exceed 3 times its thickness and thickness itself does not exceed 60 cm. NOTE 5. STONE NOGGING 5.1 Stone nogging shall be measured in square metres, stating thickness Dimensions shall be of wall and shall include face work to both sides. measured overall. 7 IS t 1200 (Part IV)-1976 5.1.1 Timber work ( Part XXI )-1973*]. shall 6. STONE IN ARCHES MASONRY be measured separately [ see IS : 1200 AND VAULTS 6.1 Stone workinrough arches and vaults shall be described and measured For spans separately and shall include centering fcr spans up to 2 m. exceeding 2 m, centering shall be measured separately [see IS : 1200 (Part V )-1972t 1. 6.1.1 Facings to arches shall be measured separately. 7. UNDERPINNING 7.1 Stone walling in underpinning shall be measured separately and an item for extra labour and material in wedging up on top of underpinning with thin slabs or slates shall be measured in square metres ( as length multiplied by width of top course ). 8. LEVELLING UP 8.1 Levelling up of uncoursed random walling for damp-proof courses, band courses, and the like shall be measured separately in square metres and the material such as concrete or mortar to be used in levelling up shall be described. 9. FACINGS 9.1 If facing stones are the same additional work involved in dressing over ’ walling. 9.1.1 If stones are to be as those used in body of walling, stones shall be described as ‘extra- dressed on beds and joints, it shall be so stated. 9.1.2 If facing stones are different from those used in body of walling, facings may be stated as ‘stone and labour in facing’. Type of such facing and average bed shall be described, and bonders, if any, shall also be described and number per square metre stated. Bonding to stone walling and to brick work shall be measured separately. 9.1.3 In case of circular facings, not exceeding radius shall be stated. Circular facings exceeding shall be included with general facing. *Method of measurement of building work and joinery. tMethod of measurement of building and civil engineering and civil engineering 8 6 m radius 6 m radius works: works: Part Part on plan, on plan XXI Wood- V...
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