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Unformatted text preview: Formwork. IS : 1200(Part IV) - 1976 10. ARCHES IN FACINGS 10.1 Dressing to arches in faced work shall be measured in square metres, measured on face and exposed soffit; rise of arch and width of soffit shall In case of arches in random rubble, be stated and joints described. cutting of skewbacks and over and under arches shall be included with the item. Cutting over arches, skewbacks, etc, in superior type of facework shall be measured separately in running metres. II. ANGLES IN FACINGS 11.1 External angles in facings shall be measured in running metres and if quoin stones are larger than general facing stones, their average size If edge margins of quoin stones are drafted, this shall shall be stated. be described stating width of drafting. 11.1.1Squints, birds-mouths, splayed or rounded angles and the like shall each be measured separately in running metres stating width of splay or girth of rounded angle. 11.1.2 Squints, birds-mouths and external and internal angles to battered facings shall each be measured separately in running metres; if quoin stones to battered facings have horizontal joints, these shall be so described. 12. CHASES, REBATES, ETC 12.1 Cutting chases, rebates, throatings, grooves, etc, in walling shall be measured in running metres stating girth and classified according to girth as follows except in case of throating which shall be measured separately: a) Not exceeding 10 cm in girth, and b) Exceeding 10 cm but not exceeding 20 cm in girth. 12.1.1 Chases, rebate, etc, exceeding 20 cm ingirth, in square metres ( girth multiplied by length ). 13. CUTTING shall be measured HOLES 13.1 Cutting holes through walling and making good shall be measured per centimetre of depth of cutting and shall be classified as follows: a) Holes not exceeding b) Holes exceeding 14. CUTTING 400 cm’ in area;.and 400 cm2 and not exceeding O-1 m2 in area. OPENINGS 14.1 Cutting openings exceeding cubic meties. 0.1 m2 in area shall be measured 9 in IS : 1266 ( Part IV ) - 1976 15. TOOTHING AND BONDING 15.1 Where new walls .are bonded to existing walls, an- item of labour and material in cutting, toothing and bonding shall be measured in square metres of surface in contact with new work only. Spacing and size of toothings required to be cut in the existing work shall be described. 16. DRESSED STONEWORK 16.1 Stonework as in sills, steps, string courses, cornices, columns, caps, Type of copings, lintels, etc, shall each be measured in cubic metres. dressing shall be described and measured in square metres as extra-over. 16.2 Dressed stonework as in CHAJJtlS, JALLIES, shelves and the like shall be described as measured in square metres ( inclusive of bearing ). 16.3 Each stone shall be measured as smallest which finished dressed stone can be worked. 17. ADDITIONAL LABOUR IN DRESSED rectangular block from STONEWORK 17.1 The following labours shall be measured separately in square metr es when exceeding 10 cm in girth or width and in running metrej if not exceeding...
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