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Unformatted text preview: mortar shall be described: Item of general walling shall be deemed to include the following: a) Bond b) Raking separate stones; c) Preparing out joints for plastering or for pointing, done process or finishing joints flush as work proceeds; top of existing as a wall and the like for raising; d) Rough cutting and waste for forming gables, cores of arches, splays at eaves and the like and all rolrgh cutting in the body of walling; *Method of measurement ( tlzirdrevision ). of building and civil engineering 5 works: Part I Earthwork 3S : 1200 (Part e) Leaving f) IV) - 1976 holes for pipes and similar items; Building-in holdfasts, air bricks, fixing bricks, etc; g) Bedding wall plates, lintels, sills, roof tiles, corrugated etc, in or on walls, if not covered in respective trade; h) Building-in and j) sheets, ends of joists, beams, lintels, etc, and making Forming openings and ( see 4.3 ). flues for which no deduction good; is made 3.1.1 Random or uncoursed rubble walling brought up to courses shall he measured separately stating minimum and maximum heights of courses. 3.1.2 In case of coursed work, height of course shall be stated, if regularly diminished, it shall be so described stating maximum and minimum heights of .courses. 3.1.3 Stone walling circular on plan to a mean radius net exceeding 6 m shall be measured separately and shall include all cutting and waste and templates. 3.1.4 Stone walling circular on plan to a mean radius exceeding shall be measured net and included with general walling. 3.1.5 The following walling: a) classes of work shall be included with 6m general Footings; b) Battered stone masonry ( measured net ). Battered surfaces shall, however, be measured separately in square metres as an extraover; c) Eaves ‘or beam rafters, etc; d) Stone walling air flues; and filling, no deduction in chimney breasts, being made chimney stacks; for joists, smoke or shall be e) Pilasters. 4. MEASUREMENT 4.1 Except where otherwise stated, stone masonry generally measured in cubic metres and face work in square metres. 6 IS : 1200 ( Part IV ) - 1976 4.2 No deduction or addition shall be made for the following: a) Ends of dissimilar materials (that is, joists, beams, lintels, posts, girders, rafters, purlins, trusses, corbels, steps, etc ) up to O-1 ma in section; b) Openings up to 0’1 m2 in area ( see Note ); c) Wall plates, bed plates, and bearing of slabs, CHAJJAS and the like, where thickness does not exceed 10 cm and bearing does not extend over the full thickness of wall; d) Cement concrete blocks for holdfasts, holding-down like; and bolts and the e) Iron fixtures such as wall ties, pipes up to 300 mm diameter holdfasts of doors and windows. and NATE - In calculating area of an opening, any separate lintel or sill shall be included with the size of the opening but end portions of lintel shall be excluded [ SPI 4.2 (a) ] and extra width of rebated reveals, if any, shall also be excluded. 4.3 Fireplaces, Chimneys, etc - Stone walling in...
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