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Of measurement of building and civil engineering

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Unformatted text preview: BUILDING AND CIVIL ENGINEERING WORKS PART 8 STEELWORK AND IRONWORK ( Fourth Revision ) 3.3 Description of Items 1 SCOPE This standard (Part 8) covers the method of measurement of steelwork and ironwork in buildings and civil engineering works. The description of each item, which covers both fabrication and erection, shall include conveyance and delivery, handling, unloading, storing, hoisting and all labour for finishing to required shape and size. Alternatively, in each item of work fabrication or erection shall be described and measured separately. 3.4 Bill of Quantities NOTE — The method of measurement for roof covering; pipe lines, etc for water supply and sewerage; and pipe lines, etc for gas and oil are covered in IS 1200 (Part 9) : 1973, IS 1200 (Part 16) : 1979 and IS 1200 (Part 20) : 1981 respectively. 2 REFERENCES The following Indian Standards are necessary adjuncts to this standard: Items of work shall fully describe the materials and truly represent the work to be executed. 3.5 Dimensions IS No. Title 1200 Method of measurement of (Part 9) : 1973 building and civil engineering works : Part 9 Roof covering (including cladding) ( second revision ) 1200 Method of measurement of (Part 16) : 1979 building and civil engineering works : Part 16 Laying of water and sewer lines including appurtenant structures ( third revision ) 1200 Method of measurement of (Part 20) : 1981 building and civil engineering works : Part 20 Laying of gas and oil pipe lines ( third revision ) 1239 Mild steel tubes, tubulars (Part 1) : 1979 and other wrought steel fittings : Part 1 Mild steel tubes ( fourth revision ) Unless otherwise stated all works shall be measured net in decimal system, as fixed in its place, as given in 3.5.1 and 3.5.2. 3.5.1 Cross-sections and thicknesses shall be taken from relevant Indian Standards. Length and breadth shall be measured to nearest 0.001 m except for reinforcement which shall be measured to nearest 0.005 m. 3.5.2 Areas shall be worked out to nearest 0.001 m2. 3.6 The priming coat shall be described and included in item of fabrication. 3.7 The mass of steel sheet, plate and strip; rolled steel sections, steel rods, steel reinforcements, and steel strips; forged steel, steel castings and steel tubes shall be taken from relevant Indian Standards. 3.7.1 The final mass of individual categories/sections calculated based on dimensions arrived at in 3.5.1 and 3.5.2 and mass arrived at as per 3.7, shall be worked out to nearest 1 kg. 3.8 Unless otherwise specified an addition of 2.5 percent of the mass of structure shall be made for shop and site rivet heads in riveted steel structures. 3.9 Unless otherwise specified, in the case of welded steel structures no allowance shall be made for the weld metal. 3.10 Wedging-up, under stanchion bases or steel grillages shall be described and enumerated. 3 GENERAL RULES 3.1 Clubbing of Items Items may be clubbed together provided that break-up of clubbed items is agreed to be on the basis of...
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