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Unformatted text preview: detailed description of items, stated in this standard. 3.2 Booking of Dimensions In booking dimensions, order shall be consistent and generally in sequence of length, width and height or depth or thickness. 1 IS 1200 (Part 8) : 1993 4 STEELWORK 4.1 Various items of steelwork shall be classified and measured separately under following categories. Work in each classification shall be described. Bolted, riveted and welded structures shall be described as such and measured separately: a) Rolled sections (joist, channel, angle or tee) fixed independently without connecting plates; b) Rolled sections fixed with connecting plate or angle cleats as in main and crossbeams, hip and jack rafters, purlins connected to common rafters and the like. c) Rolled joists, with or without stiffeners in grillages (the weight of stiffeners shall be added to the mass of joists); d) Compound girders; e) Plate girders (stating type and overall height of girder); f) Lattice girders, aerial masts, tank staging and like (stating details of members and overall height of structure); g) Single stanchions composed of rolled joists or channels with caps, bases, splices, angle brackets, etc; h) Compound stanchions with caps, bases, splices, angle brackets, etc; portion), running bars for doors and fencing posts and struts; v) Framed work, such as grills, gratings, framed guard bars, ladders, walkways, railings, brackets and similar work; w ) S traps, hooks, clam p s, holdfasts, w all ties, in sets, knee pieces, and sim ilar w orks; y) Ornamental work as in grills, balustrades, and curved, ramped and scroll portion of cores for handrails; and z) Steelwork for: 1) doors, 2) hydraulic gates, and 3) cassions and well curbs. z1) P urpose m ade butt hinges for fixing to stone or concrete door and w indow fram es. NOTES 1 In composite construction shear connectors, if any, will form part of structural steelwork. 2 The above classification with suffix B, R or W shall be indicated in bills of quantities to denote bolted, riveted or welded construction respectively. 4.2 The steelwork shall be measured by mass except otherwise mentioned. 4.3 Unless otherwise specified, mass of cleats, brackets, packing pieces, bolts, nuts, washers, distance pieces, separators, diaphragm, gussets (taking overall rectangular dimensions), fish plates, etc, shall be added to the weight of respective items. In riveted work, allowance is to be made for mass of rivet heads ( see 3.8 ). No deduction shall be made for rivet or bolt holes (excluding holes for anchor or holding down bolts). Deduction in case of rivet or bolt hole shall, however, be made if its area exceeds 0.02 m2 and for notch if its area exceeds 0.05 m2. For other type of openings like holes for service pipe etc, deduction shall be made if its area exceeds 0.1 m2. j) Trusses and trussed purlins (stating spans and overall heights); k) Framing of cladding and glazing; m) Crane gantry rails including fastenings: n) Staircases including stringers, treads, land...
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