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Unformatted text preview: ings, handrails, etc; p) Plates (plain or chequered), square cut or notched, holed (ordinary or countersunk) without any attachments; 5 TUBULAR STRUCTURES The tubular structures shall be described and measured by weight. q) Plates of classification (p) above with riveted, bolted or welded attachments; r) Running rails and girders for sliding doors; 6 CABLES/GUY WIRES The cables and guy wires shall be described and measured in running metre stating the diameter or by weight. s) Platework with or without stiffeners for: 1) bunkers, 2) chutes, 3) chimneys including ladders, 4) tanks with or without covers including stays but excluding stagings, 5) gutters and downpipes, and 6) furnace shell. 7 BEARINGS T hese shall be classified as roller, rocker, sliding, etc, and fully described and enum erated. 8 PIPES FOR FLUES 8.1 Flue pipes of steel sheeting shall be measured overall in running metres and described as including all short lengths, cutting and waste. The method of jointing and fixing shall be described. Supports shall be measured separately. t) Anchor bolts, holding down bolts including all fittings and sag rods; u) Wind ties to roofs, strakes for wooden bridges, cores for handrails (straight 2 IS 1200 (Part 8) : 1993 8.2 The diameter of pipes, thickness of sheeting and whether black or galvanized shall be stated. In case of galvanized steel pipes, class of galvanization [ see IS 1239 (Part 1) : 1979 ] shall also be stated. 12 MISCELLANEOUS WORK 12.1 Bolts including nuts and washers other than those covered in 4.1 (t) shall be described and measured by mass in kilograms. 12.2 Plain or barbed wire fencing shall be fully described and each line of wire shall be measured in running metres. 12.3 Patent plain wire fencing shall be fully described and measured in square metres. 12.4 Wire mattresses, nets shall be fully described including method of tying and measured in square metres. Authorised laps shall be measured. 12.5 Collapsible gates shall be described and measured in square metres as fixed stating size of gate opening, pickets, pivoted flat bars and size of meshes formed by them when fully extended. 12.5.1 Top and bottom runners, pulleys, locking lugs and handles shall be described and included with item. Description shall also include erection in position and securing runners with holdfasts and brackets. 12.6 Steel rolling shutter/grills shall be described and measured in square metres. The width shall be measured as the outer distance between the backs of the two guide channels of the rolling shutters and the height shall be the distance between the still and the centre of the hood cover. 12.6.1 Gauge and type of the shutter/grills, distance between centres of interlock and bridge depth shall be stated. 12.6.2 Description shall include spring winding mechanism operated mechanically or manually, jamb guides, bottom rail, locking and door operating arrangements. 12.6.3 Where a wicket gate has to be provided it shall be described. 12.6.4 Any protective...
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