1972 1 scope 11 this standard part vii covers the

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Unformatted text preview: IS : 1200 ( Part VII ) - 1972 1. SCOPE 1.1 This standard ( Part VII ) covers the method hardware in buildings and civil ‘engineering works. of measurement of 2. GENERAL 2.1 Description of Item -The description of each item shall, unless otherwise stated, be held to include, wherever necessary, conveyance and delivery, handling, unloading, storing and all labour for fitting and fixing in position, cutting and waste, return of packing, etc. 2.2 Limits of Measurement - The in decimal system nearest to 0.01 m. dimensions shall be measured net 2.3 Bills of Quantities - The bills of quantities shall fully describe the materials and workmanship and accura.tely represent the work to be executed. 2.4 Mode of Measurements - The various kinds of builders hardware shall be described and measured separately according to the material, finish, size, pattern and method of fixing. 2.4.1 All builders hardware shall be fully described except the following which shall be measured in running a) Curtain rods or poles, stating b) Curtain Rails-Curtain described and included metre of rail; the outer diameter; runners, brackets and stops shall be with the item stating the number per c) Rails for sliding sashes stating d) Sash Lines - and enumerated metres: the size of the rail; and The girth or diameter shall be stated. 2.5 Fixing of hardware items shall include all fittings, cutting, sinking, boring and morticing, the supply of screws ( or bolts, nuts and washers in the case of hardware made for fixing with bolts ), to match. 2.6 Hardware 2.7 Hardware fixed to wood and metal shall each be measured fixed flush shall be so described. 3. MEASUREMENT 3.1 The indicated separately. sizes of the in Table 1. OF SIZES OF HARDWARE hardware articles 4 (see 2.4 ) shall be measured as IS : 1200 ( Part VII ) - 1972 TABLE NAME SL No. 1) 1 MEASUREMENT How OF hTlCL~ Dolts a) The length b) The 2) OF HARDWARE Hinges MEASURED of face plate in flush bolts hgth of shoots ( bolt ) in other bolts a) The Ivngth of the joint or knuckle b) The Ividth between flanges of parliament hinges and of butt hinges also the height c) Thr length of the leaf ( that is, from the joint or knuckle to the point ), in case of tee and strap binges d) The length of the spring spring of butt hinges e) The length Latches ( Suffolk folk ) 4) Latches, 5) Locks, rim 6) Locks, mortire 7) Locks, cabinet board 8) IACl<S drawer 9) Locks rim for regulating in case of back flap hinges or Nor- ( Night ) the bow The horizontal length of face across the excluding the box staple or striking plate 3) The ofjoint cylinder dimensions of the plate (having handle ) and the size number body 1 I or cup 1 I j ‘The maximum furtlilure Straight distance 10) Clears belaying 1:) Catches, spring light ) 12) Fasteners, 13) Fasteners and stays ( casement ) Extreme 14) l’ivots and sockets The dimensions 15) Stays. quadrant light ) (for fan- diameter between (for fan- two ends of cleat The flat overall size in elevation of the plate spring catch excluding...
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