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Areas of openings the extra width of rebated note in

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Unformatted text preview: ed. 6 reveals, if IS 81200 ( Part XXI ) - 19% 3.9 Ceilings shall be measured between walls or Partitions and dimensions Width covered by cornices or coves, before plastering shall be taken. if any, shall be deducted. 3.10 Soffits of stairs shall be measured Flewing soffits shall be measured separately. 3.11 Ribs (see 3.4), 15 cm. as plastering on ceilings. and mouldings on ceilings shall be measured as for cornices deduction being made from plastering if width/girth exceeds 3.12 Measurement of wall plastering shall be taken between walls or partitions (dimensions before plastering being taken) for length and Depth of cornices or from top of floor or skirting to ceiling for height. coves, if any, shall be deducted. 3.12.1 walls. Sides of pilasters, ~projections, etc, shall be added to plaster on 3.12.2 Mouldings, architraves, ceiling ribs, cornices and the like on pilasters and around openings, etc, shall be measured separately as in 3.4. 3.13 Length shall be measured in running metres at the centre Girth shall be measured along curve of moulding. .of girth. 3.14 Moulded cornices and coves shall be measured in square metres, area being arrived at by multiplying length by girth. the 3.15 Forming height. the letters or figures in plaster shall be enumerated 3.16 Plastering on lathing shall be measured number of coats and thickness of each coat. separately stating stating the 3.16.1 Lathing shall be fully described and measured net; wood and steel lathing shall be measured separately [see IS : 1200 ( Part XXI )-1973* and IS: 1200 (Part VIII )-1974t] respectively. 3.16.2 Laps, gauge and mesh of steel allowance being made for laps or cutting. lathing shall 3.16.3 Size of laths, their distance apart and the kind be stated in the case of wood lathing. 3.16.4 Connector *Method of Woodwork and tMethod of and iron work ( lathing shall be measured be stated, of timber shall separately. measurement of building and civil engiheering works: Part joinery ( second revision ). measurement of building and civil engineering works: Part VIII third revirion ). 7 no XXI Steel IS: 1200 ( Part XII) - 1976 3.17 Plastering on honeycomb work shall be described and measured in square metres on the basis of overall superficial area without deducting openings. 4. POINTXNG 4.1 Proportions of materials shall be described. Varioustypes of pointing Pointing on different types of walls, shall be measured separately. floors, roofs, etc, shall be IrLeasured separately, Type and material of surface to be pointed shall be described. 4.2 Pointing in single detached in running metres. joints as for flashings 4.3 Pointing be measured brick and tile work with mortars separately. 4.4 Pointing shall be measured 4.5 Removing square metres. of matching be measured shades shall in square metres. be measured in 4.6.1 For jambs, soffits, sills, etc, for openings not exceeding 0.5 each in area; for ends of joists, beams, posts, girders, steps, etc, exceeding 0’5 ma each in area; and for openings...
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