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3.7 - Vindice’s mom tells the sister to go with Vindice...

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A spider diagram of revenge now surrounds the Duke. Hey, she had flesh, she was hot, she asked for it. The toy broke. I discarded it. I really don’t see why I’m on trial. I can do this because I can and I’m allowed. Duke: This is going to hurt my name. Duchess: MY BABY The Duke puts him on hold before the real trial (so he can do it again). The Duchess goes and sleeps with the Duke’s son and gets his bastard son riled up against him. Spuiro: I was born out of adultery, I’m an adulterer. I was conceived out of wedlock, I’m evil. Bone setter: syphilis, health care, sex, and death. All in one great job title. So Vindice decries lust. And that’s a dumb thing to do. Especially when you’re told that the person you’ll be bones-setting is your sister. Heh. Dude, you’ll be flirting with your sister. Mom and Sis are uncorrupted because they don’t live in the city near the court. However,
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Unformatted text preview: Vindice’s mom tells the sister to go with Vindice. So Antonio’s wife killed herself and left a note about how it was the more honorable thing to do. She’s covered in prayer books. The right thing to do after you’ve been raped (if you’re a woman) is to kill yourself! Lots of rhyming oaths here. And the masks are used to show decadence and as murder weapons. I’m an oooold man with a yoooung wife. And she was chaste! Sad that she had to kill herself. Castiza: She’s the good girl. And she’s going to die. All it takes is the invocation of the Duke’s name to get slapped. Mommy, on the other hand, isn’t all that pure and will sell her for cash. Castiza is horrified when her mother tells her the Duke’s son is okey doke. Someone’s going to take your virtue. Might as well be a rich guy. Vindice: women are responsible for all the evil in the world....
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