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Are we supposed to dislike the women in this play? They’re out of their humors. Jilted women are told through the lens of the men who desert them. It’s a good story until you become them. Everyone knows about Helen, no one knows about Oenone, Paris’ wife. Add a new ending to one of these stories where the guy gets it, and that’s how Aspatia feels right now. Calianax is angry at the King. But, he’s overly humorous and can’t do anything to him, so he takes it out on other people.
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Unformatted text preview: Male friendship- a greater bond than marriage. It hasn’t been a good night for Amintor. So, we screw with the king’s head to goad him. Evadne: I never promised I would sleep with anyone but you. I’m in this for the power. She has control over the King. Calianax doesn’t have sons and he’s angry. So he tries to attack Melantius. And that’s funny. Melantius is going to try to remove his friendship from Amintor, who would lose everything if that were taken away from him....
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